CelebPoker looks for team members

30 May 2007

(PRESS RELEASE) -- Team CelebPoker - What Is It? Search for a star! 8 players will get a chance to be sponsored at the EPT 2007 2008.

Team Celebpoker has been created to provide all Celebpoker players with an incredible opportunity to represent Celebpoker at major European poker events. CelebPoker is going to send 2 different teams of players each to a different European event. Every time we send Team CelebPoker to a European Poker Event we will give players an opportunity to qualify via the tournament structures mentioned below. So, there is always a great opportunity for you, as a player, to join our magnificent Team CelebPoker.

Every player that makes it to the final table during an EPT poker event will automatically receive entry to the next EPT event and every player that wins an EPT event will receive sponsorship of the rest of the EPT season. This will result that Team CelebPoker can only get bigger and bigger.

Freeroll Qualifiers

The first method is by achieving 4th place or better in the Team Celebpoker Freeroll tournament held between 1st June and 16th September. 1st and 2nd positions will win a place in Team A, 3rd and 4th places will win a place in Team B.

The Team Celebpoker Freeroll poker tournaments will consist of Daily and Weekly qualifiers, which will in turn dictate the players in the Final. All players need to play 20 raked hands within 24 hours in order to register for the daily qualifier. The first qualifiers will start on June the 1st and the final will be held on 16th September. Below is the schedule for all qualifiers:

MTT Qualifiers

The second method is by achieving 4th place or better in the 3 x Team Celebpoker Multi Table Tournaments held between 1st and 14th September. The top 20 players who have generated the most rake in one single (in bald please) month based on the months June, July and August will get a seat in this MTT competition. Example: Player A produces the following amount of rake in each month:

* June: $5000

* July: $6000

* August: $3000

Player has raked in July the most and therefore this amount will count towards the overall rake ranking. At the end of these 3 months period the list with the top 20 players will be created and registered for the 3 MTT tourneys, so the top 20 people who qualify according to the highest rake generation criteria will gain entry.

Every poker player can see their rake statistics and current position for the overall rake ranking by creating an account at the 'Celebpoker Players Area' to get access to their personal area where all these statistics are available.

The top 3 players based on the overall results of the 3 tournaments will get a place in Team A. 4th place will receive entry to Team B.

The 16 remaining players that did not succeed in winning a spot for one of the CelebPoker teams will be added to the Team CelebPoker Online final where they will get an extra opportunity, amongst 450 players, to get a place in team CelebPoker.

A separate tournament will be set up in case 2 or more players, that are battling for a spot in Team A or Team B, end up with equal number of points. This tournament will just be set up for these 2 or 3 players involved.

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