Unibet offers revenue sharing

17 August 2007

PRESS RELEASE) -- Unibet now offers a Revenue Share model, and anyone can become a valued member of the Unibet family. Being one of Europe's strongest and most trusted brands in the gambling industry, Unibet affiliates enjoy one of the highest conversion rates in the business.

Sports Betting

Unibet sports betting is the heart and soul Unibet's services. Their odds compilers work 24-hrs a day to offer the best odds on the internet on a vast variety of sport events.

With regular competitions and bonuses, a websites visitors will with just one glance see the power of their odds and get exposed to a great range of compelling reasons to sign-up with Unibet.


Unibet Casino is the hottest venue on the internet for the discerning punter. Unibet actively promotes these games with a range of top-prizes and tournaments to keep the sparkle.

To reward hard working affiliates at UnibetAffiliate, they offer an attractive and aggressive Revenue Share program reaching as much as 40% net on all our products, that gives any webmaster the opportunity to earn proportionally to the revenue their visitors are generating.


Unibet offers all major poker games. Customers can also pick and choose from a vast selection of tourneys that are promoted with a range of top-prizes to keep the sparkle and attract loyalty.

The more new real money players a website attracts to Unibet products, the more the rewards.

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