Rebecca Liggero
Rebecca Liggero

Rebecca Liggero loves meeting new people and traveling - perfect qualities for someone who has won friends and influenced people in the worldwide online gaming community.

After graduating from Bates College with a degree in psychology, Rebecca spent four years in Washington, DC, working in relationship management, dreaming all the while about someday making it big in online gaming. After turning down an opportunity to live in New Zealand, she moved back to Boston and signed on as Senior Account Manager for Casino City - the beginning of a dream come true!

Rebecca’s work on behalf of Casino City (and later for the GPWA as well) took her to trade shows and conferences everywhere - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Costa Rica, Montreal, London, Las Vegas, Macau and many other ports of call - and along the way she began chronicling her incredible around-the-clock adventures in a wildly entertaining and industry-savvy weekly column that quickly became - and still remains - must reading for everyone who is anyone in online gaming. Following almost three years with the Casino City team, Rebecca spent a few months at Everest Affiliates where she was the Brand Manager of the affiliate program. While working on “the other side,” she realized that she truly missed her weekly column and the affiliate side of the business and decided to return to the Casino City family.

One and a half years later, Rebecca resigned from Casino City and joined industry icon Calvin Ayre to serve as the Bodog Global Brand Ambassador and the head on-site reporter for the online gambling industry tablog, In her new capacity, Rebecca continues to travel the world, and when asked where she is based, her response is usually "on an airplane."

Contact Rebecca at Be careful, though - she might quote you.

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CAC Macau: Hail to the Boat Chief!

30 October 2007
By Rebecca Liggero

Hail to the  Boat Chief!

Hail to the Boat Chief!

Things are going well here in Boston...the Red Sox won the World Series, I have my own URL, I am sneaking off to London for a long weekend on the 9th, and I am booked for Macau. Ni hao. Speaking of URLs, did you know that someone bought a few weeks ago? Who was it!? Come on, just admit it. There are not many of us out IT OVER! Just kidding. To be honest, the only reason why I know this piece of information is because Chris Taylor from told me. See what an amazing affiliate manager he is? Always looking out for his affiliates' best interest. Even better, Chris's team is the reason why I am going to CAC Macau- decided to sponsor the GPWA cocktail party on Wednesday evening, November 28th, so now I must be present to organize it. This is all thanks to the former Boat Chief, John Ryott, as he is the ultimate decision maker for affiliate conference activities. Now all CAC Macau attendees can network and have fun while eating and drinking for free! Thank you John, I owe you one.

Venetian Macau, venue for the CAC.

Venetian Macau, venue for the CAC.

If you are undecided about Macau even after the lure of the cocktail party, I am here to help you pull the trigger. We all know that there is incredible potential and growth in the Asian market, but very few of us know how to take advantage of this growth. CAC Macau really is the industry's first step towards introducing affiliates and affiliate programs to the Asian market, so don't miss out on this opportunity, and don't miss our party! Also, if you take a look at the list of speakers, many mainstream companies are presenting. Perhaps this could provide an opportunity for affiliates to diversify into new industries? Perhaps I should give credit to the Spearmaster for pointing this out because I never would have noticed on my own? Thanks Spear, now I owe you one too.

Romantic Gondola ride for industry lovers.

Romantic Gondola ride for industry lovers.

Still undecided? Ok, are some fun facts about the Venetian, the venue of CAC Macau, that might convince you. The Venetian Macau is the second largest building in the entire world. The ENTIRE world! More specifically, it is 10.5 million square feet (aka large enough to hold ninety Boeing 747 jumbo jets), it houses the world's biggest casino (600,000 square feet, about five times the size of Vegas gaming floors), 3,000 hotel suites, multiple swimming pools including an "exclusive adults-only pool" (whatever that means), and 350 stores. Ridiculous. So...are you in? Let us know if you plan to attend, I hope to see you there, and hail to the Boat Chief!

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