Greek player wins big at King Solomons Casino

12 October 2011

LONDON, England -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Recently at King Solomons online casino there have been a run of large winners, particularly from Greece, well here comes another story of a large win, this time on the ever popular Marvel slots from Playtech. What makes this different from most of the other large marvel online slot game wins is that it did not involve a progressive jackpot!

CZ, our hero from Greece, set off his expedition taking on Whiplash and helping Ironman and the Black Widow defeat the rogue Hammer Tech bots in the Iron Man 2 online slot. This slot takes the characters from the movie and puts them into a highly entertaining interactive slot game, where players not only get paid for landing the good guys, but also the bad. Our hero started playing with large bets, which were around €250 per spin, when he landed a bonus round by collecting 3 Iron Man 2 logos.

For those who are not familiar with the Iron Man 2 bonus round, here is the lowdown. The bonus round is one of those features that really makes this game stand out from the rest of the crowd, being based on free spins with an ever increasing multiplier. Every second spin the multiplier builds, starting at x2 and ending on x6 it can easily be seen how large wins can be built up quickly; even with the smallest of stakes! If that was not enough the centre square in the middle reel becomes a fixed wild, improving player’s chances of making large paying winning combinations. At the end of the power charged game CZ landed a massive €15,750 but what really highlights this games generous payout structure is that €8,000 came from just one free spin!

The game continued to be generous with frequent visits from Tony Stark (the main protagonist in both the movies and the slot) and the Black Widow, allowing CZ to build his balance to a very respectable €30,000. At this point most players would have hit the cashout button, but what makes a true hero is the ability to see beyond the immediate future and push on to even greater glory and rewards.

CZ decided now was the time to switch games to X-men, which is one of the most popular games at King Solomons online casino due to its unlimited free spins bonus round, X immediate payout and, like all Marvel slot games provided by Playtech, no less than four progressive jackpots. With his newly inflated bankroll (thanks to Mr Tony Stark’s generosity in the Iron Man 2 slot game) CZ set the game to spin at €1,250 per spin.

It soon became apparent that this was CZ’s lucky day as he landed the 3 X-Men logo symbols that are needed to unlock the freespins mode. What happens here is that the game will spin with only the X-men on the reels, with the exception of the middle reel where Magneto will attempt to make an appearance and usurp the player’s bonus round. Provided that Magneto does not make an appearance the game will keep spinning in free spins mode, racking up the winnings from the 25 paylines that are available in the game. Once Magneto appears, it is the turn of the Brotherhood of Mutants to attempt to end the bonus round. If the X-Men cannot stop them in 8 free spins the bonus round ends, and the winnings are collected. It is this feature that makes this game one of them most popular online slot games at the amazing King Solomons Casino.

What people want to know now, of course, is how did our hero CZ from Greece do? Well he managed to hold Magneto at bay for long enough to amass a very healthy payday of just over €200,000! This just goes to show, King Solomons Casino doesn’t just offer great progressive jackpot games, but great games that payout large wins on a regular basis, and there is little doubt that other players will soon be following in CZ’s footsteps. There has never been a better time for players to dust off or open a King Solomons account and try out these great games for themselves!

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