iGaming Partners launches affiliate program with Income Access

19 June 2013

MONTREAL, Que. -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- iGaming Partners, the home of affiliates promoting brands operated by Starfish Media, has launched a new affiliate program with Income Access, provider of industry-leading tracking and reporting technology. Through the partnership Income Access will track activity across three Starfish-powered brands called Lucky31, Casino Estrella and CassinoEstrela.

iGaming Partners will use each of the three brands to target a different audience. The most prominent of these brands, Lucky31, will focus on Europe and the wider global market by way of its multilingual offering. CasinoEstrella, which places an emphasis on Spanish-speaking markets, is offering a wide range of localised payment solutions in South America along with a Spanish-speaking support staff. Lastly, CassinoEstrela will concentrate on the Portuguese-speaking market.

Appealing to prospective affiliates, the iGaming Partners programme is offering a substantial 50 percent flat revenue share for the first three months of partnership. After this promotional period, a ladder-based system will see affiliates earn between 25 percent and 50 percent revenue share going forward.

Each brand will also have its own distinct player promotions. CasinoEstrella and CassinoEstrela will each be offering a 200 percent deposit bonus and up to €200 in monthly bonuses. For their part, Lucky31 will have a 131 percent deposit bonus and up to €100 in monthly bonuses.

Dedicated to sustaining high conversion rates through ongoing retention campaigns and generous deposit bonuses, the team at iGaming Partners is confident about the success that affiliate partners can expect when signing up.

”We anticipate iGaming Partners will be well-received by the affiliate community as well as by the gaming industry as a whole because of the professionalism and enthusiasm we bring to the table,” says Daniel Thomas, iGaming Partners’ Marketing Manager. “Our brands such as Lucky31 and CasinoEstrella, as well as our games and payment methods, are all top-notch and will help affiliates cover a wider market.”

Further to their attractive introductory promotion, iGaming Partners will supply affiliates with a sizeable collection of banners in multiple languages and sizes. Income Access will play a supporting role in this effort, facilitating affiliate access to creative materials and providing them with a comprehensive set of reports to measure success. Free game integrations, content and SEO advice, and special registration pages for premium affiliates will also be supplied by iGaming Partners.