Action heroes the focus of SkyKing's monthly picks


(PRESS RELEASE) -- Each month Skykings Casino picks two of its games to show off in full focus and reward double comp points for playing. Known as "Games of the Month" bonus, the idea is to get players acquainted with the casinoís full list of games - and make doing so fun. With more than 100 popular titles to choose from, itís no surprise why players may not have yet tried every single game on offer.

This month, the two games in the spotlight bring to the forefront some all-time favorite action heroes; Gladiator takes to the Arena in a jackpot game already worth thousands, and Marvelís Fantastic Four hit the slots with more than 50 big paylines.

If youíre a sap for the action hero then SkyKingís is the place to show it. The offer lasts until the end of the month, so be sure to get your taste of the action now.

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