Find out what it feels like to be a Rich Casino winner

14 April 2014

(PRESS RELEASE) -- In the dynamic world of online casinos, Rich Casino managed to establish itself as a top class entertainment site where players can actually experience the real casino feel.

Being a hallmark of professionalism, Rich Casino values true loyalty which is why it constantly strives to please its devoted players. Newcomers as well as loyal customers will always find on Rich Casino the very best promotions packed with exquisite prizes!

And to prove they really mean business, Rich Casino has given away a magnificent prize - 1kg Gold Bar - in February’s monthly promotion - The Golden Raffle! The lucky winner of this top class prize is player doodlebugger21, a loyal Rich Casino member who has a long experience with the site.

“I couldn’t believe I’ve won this prize. It’s the biggest prize I’ve won so far and it’s definitely something I want to keep” said the player after he has found out the excellent news.

This occasion couldn’t pass without a proper celebration, the winner admits.

“I broke open a bottle of blue label and some scotch and celebrated”.

As an active online casino games player, doodlebugger21 admits he finds Rich Casino as one of the best places to enjoy the real casino feeling because he enjoys the variety of promotions and tournaments along with “the nice selection of games”. Although he also prefers playing at land casinos, every gameplay experience at Rich Casino is unique.

“I’ve played at lots of online casinos. Rich Casino is the best casino so far. It’s all good”, declared the lucky winner who is one 1 kg gold bar richer!

Doodlebugger21 is a lucky man, although he knows that every player at Rich Casino has equal chances of winning, as long as they stay in the game. For all Rich Casino fans, the winner cared to share one simple piece of advice:

“Just don’t give up, continue to play the game. A lot of people get frustrated and quit but I say keep playing. It might take a while but eventually you can hit the jackpot”.

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