Latest Green Gaming forum

3 October 2018

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The iGaming industry has the data and the technology to prevent customers from developing high risk behaviors. However, the concept of Green Gaming will only be efficient if it is part of the overall business strategy, impacting both the product development and offering.

In the latest Green Gaming Forum, Maria Sandell and Mattias Wedar discuss what is done today to analyze and understand risk behavior among players, what it will bring tomorrow and why we should care at all. Maria Sandell has worked 15 years in the gaming industry with both operators and suppliers. Today she is on the Board of the Swedish horse racing association and works with nonprofit organizations. Mattias Wedar is CEO of MRG Gametek.

The industry must use AI and machine-learning and develop new types of games, says Maria Sandell. Player protection cannot be reactive, driven by questionnaires - it must be real-time and on-time.

Maria Sandell and Mattias Wedar also discuss today's marketing communication and Sandell finds it too aggressive and in lack of social responsibility. Wedar claims this is due to the industry's generic marketing approach where focus is on acquisition.

"The iGaming industry must be more innovative and increase customer loyalty," claims Mattias Wedar, CEO of MRG Gametek. "With increased loyalty we can reduce acquisition spend and marketing can be reduced."

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