Poker Players Alliance applauds New Jersey interstate iGaming agreement

16 October 2017

(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) today reacted to an announcement by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie of an agreement with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Delaware Governor John Carney to allow internet poker patrons in New Jersey to play online against players in those two states.

"PPA applauds this move," said Rich Muny, vice president of the Poker Players Alliance. "We have consistently sought expanded player pools for increased liquidity, allowing players more choices and variety. We also believe this will help other states to see that it is time for them to move forward on online poker and iGaming, as they may now be able to join with these states and not get left behind.

"Today's action further demonstrates the tremendous success New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have had in providing effective regulation, ensuring compliance with requirements for age and identity verification, geolocation, consumer protection and all other applicable federal, state and local laws.

"It is also worth noting that this agreement was reached between three governors: two Republicans and one Democrat. In an era of increasing partisanship, the online poker issue continues to be one with broad bipartisan support. Regardless of one's politics, we can all agree that the American people should have the liberty to play poker in their own homes on their own computers."

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