Royal Panda player wins $36,039


(PRESS RELEASE) -- Itís not often that video game characters and mischievous fairies join forces. But when Lee played Royal Panda's Tomb Raider and Lucky Leprechaun slots today, Lara Croft and the Leprechaun teamed up to reward him with a huge win of £23,013 ($36,039)!

Lee's Lucky (Leprechaun) day
Itís clear our Lucky Leprechaun had a bit of a soft spot for 30-year-old UK resident Lee today, with the majority of his $36,000 winnings coming from that one slot - including a single incredible £10,000 ($15,660) win.

Leeís big win came off a £20 ($31) spin, after he landed three pots of gold symbols to trigger the Trail oí Fortune bonus mode. And it didnít end there, as Lee went on to win a further £6,150 ($9,631) on that same slot.

More big wins with Lara Croft
But Lucky Leprechaun wasnít the only slot Lee won big on: he also enjoyed a very profitable session with our Tomb Raider slot. Based on the popular videogame series, Lee ended up winning a cool £7,175 ($11,236) on this enjoyable 15-payline slot. The grand result: a total win of over of £23,013 ($36,039)!