Twin online casino ready to enter Brazilian market


Established in 2017, Twin Casino has already consolidated its space among the biggest operators in Europe. After recently having receiving a Swedish licence, the company is now entering the huge and promising Brazilian market.

To lead this project, the company has added to its team Rafael Costa, who will take the position of Country Manager for Brazil. His biggest challenge is to convert the massive traffic and deal with the always-present talks about regulations.

We have asked a few questions to Rafael to better understand this project.

What is Twin.coms strategy as it enters this new market?
Twin has already been operating in the Brazilian market through a soft launch for about a year or so. We have integrated and tested all the main payment methods. Now we understand that we have a bulletproof product, completely designed to fulfil all needs and wishes of Brazilian customers.

What are your expectations in regards to regulations in Brazil?
Everything is still in the air, especially now with the COVID-19 situation. All debates have been put aside to focus attention and financial resources on combating this crisis. On the other hand, once returning to the negotiations, I presume the government will tend to be more flexible in order to approve projects which increases tax payments as result.

What makes Twin really special for Brazilian players?
Apart from the vast payment methods already mentioned, which will make the customer experience easier, we also worked hard to, not only translate all the content of our website, but more importantly, we tailored the website for Brazilians.

We have designated campaigns, landing pages, promotions, local currency, popular slots and much more. We are working to be the referenced online casino in Brazil. And Im confident to say that we have in hands the best product for this market.