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    Default 400 affiliates has some big issues

    I am not getting any email responses from the 400 affiliates 'This is Vegas casino' for well over a week now.

    It also appears that my stats stopped working on the 13th of this month.

    Prior to the 13th my stats showed ~10 depositors a day, with ~1/2 of those being regular depositors. After the 13th it is like someone turned off a spout, stats are not showing a single depositor since the 13th and I know some players are still depositing. I cut off traffic to them after this.

    This is Vegas, nor Di vincis gold casino has never issued any statement about how they were going to handle the oh so famous Progressive Slot issue.

    Nor, have they made any statement regarding how they were going to handle the Master Card seizure issue with affiliates.

    Several affiliates that I know of have also not yet been paid from This is Vegas or Da vincis gold (check out the 400 issues thread at AGD). Now of course 400 affiliates dead line for payment this month is the 19th, but they almost always pay well before that date. Not to mention that affiliates for the other two RIVAL 400 casinos (Paradise and CoCo) have all been paid on the 15th of this month and those two casinos have both made their position clear to affiliates on the Master Card and Progressive issue.

    I don't know what to make of this as all four of those casinos are owned by RIVAL, even though they deny it. They all share RIVAL payment processing and RIVAL security and RIVAL accounting(I mean the employees get paid by RIVAL)... they are ALL four RIVAL. Invcluding the actual 400 Affiliates affiliate program.

    But the simple fact that two of these four RIVAL owned casinos have not paid affiliates and have not made any statements regarding the above named issues... Is very very disturbing.
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    I have sent you two emails informing you of the situation and I also said that I would update you as soon as I had more information. I expect to have an update for you today or tomorrow.

    Lina Jonsson
    Affiliate Manager

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