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It’s been an extremely exciting few weeks at Absolute Slots, with the Slots Tournament Season cracking into full swing. Our Halloween Slots Tourney proved to be a runaway success, with fierce competition and $1000 in prizes given out to our winners this past weekend.

With new Tourneys kicking off every week you’ll soon feel the heat from the overworked slots, and reap the benefits in your commission payments too!

$500 Weekly Slots Tournaments

· Every Monday to midnight on Sunday EST.
· Player must deposit $25 to enter
· Each 100 spins = 1 Tourney Point

November Slots Tournament (playing now)
· Runs until midnight EST on 30 Nov, 2008.
· Player must deposit $50 to enter
· Each 100 spins = 1 Tourney point
Prizes include Nintendo Wii Fit bundle, iPod Touch, and iTunes credits for our top 20 spinners. Full details available on our Tournaments page.

Top 10 performing Slots for the month of October, in order:

· Goldenman (exclusive slot)
· Diamond Temple (exclusive slot)
· Baby Boomers (new iSlot)
· Gobblers Gold (new video slot)
· Cosmic Quest (iSlot)
· Scary Rich
· Cleopatra’s Coins
· Secret Garden
· Scary Rich 2 (new video slot)
· Hole in Won

Top Tip – get to know the games personally to give yourself a big advantage on the competition!

Dominique from Games and Casino, Affiliate of the Week

We caught up with the lovely Dominique earlier today for a quick chat…

What job would you love to do other than your own?

None, I am very happy with things the way they are. If I was forced to do something else, it would have to do with nature or animals.

What job would you never do?

I have always been self-employed, so I wouldn’t like to do any job. The work I like least is book-keeping.

What is your favourite drink?

Red wine.

What is never missing from your refrigerator?

Cheese (goes well with red wine)

Favourite music?

Classic rock, mostly any music. Not too fond of some of the Jazz variants.

What is your personal motto?

Don’t sweat the small stuff … and it’s all small stuff.

Favourite movie?

Gone with the Wind – best made movie ever IMO.

Favourite famous person?

Jon Stewart – he is hilarious!

What do you find impossible to resist?


Dog, cat, budgie or no pets?

Great Dane, Shih Tzu, Cat and Cockatoo. Working on a personal zoo!

What would you like to do that you’ve not had the chance to do before?

Globetrotting. I already did a few years ago when I was younger, and I wouldn’t mind doing some more. It’s fascinating.

How did you start out in the industry?

Totally by accident. I had a free games site and had some free games from Referback there. One day I got a check in the mail – and the rest is history.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an affiliate?

Find your own approach, be unique! Don’t go looking at other sites to find things you want to do, go and see what to eliminate because it’s been done already.

What do you like about Absolute Slots?
Nice, refreshing website and very nice conversions.

What do you think of Absolute Slots Affiliate program?

Elliott is a great, experienced manager and always good to work with.