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    Default Adelson's About-Face: APCW Perspectives for 1 April, 2016

    Sheldon Adelson has done an about-face,
    but found a way to still push his agenda with RAWA.
    Meanwhile, the news for Amaya's CEO got worse.
    Now his brother has been tied to the insider trading scandal,
    which appears to go deeper than previously thought.
    Plus, a special announcement concerning a high profile
    online gambling executive who is retiring.


    The New RAWA:
    New York Poker:
    Amaya Insider Trading:
    Amaya CEO Takes Leave:

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    Thank you for adding StarGames as side kick next to regular guest Reward Affiliates this week.
    If I am honest it makes me more "happier".
    You had become thicker?!
    That is good.
    Every day one cake is good for the brain.
    Sometimes two or three are also no fault.
    Sugar, you know?!
    We need it.
    I am sorry, in this moment I have no headphones.
    What I can see are handcuffs, Amaya and a brother who takes bitter revenge?
    Everyone loves the betrayal but no one the traitor.
    3:24 What is it?
    Chewing gum or jowl relaxing?
    O.k., today you have a double size show.
    I understand, that you need some seconds to relax.
    Say the Net Gaming Solution guys, that a commercial break with Amsterdam but without nice women is unthinkable.
    My wife is coming with the headphones.
    Oh, thank you so much.
    So, ...
    Give me some seconds please.

    Beginning with 5:59 it's real entertainment this week.
    I will not be the traitor!
    Look for yourself.
    And if I say, that EVERYONE should watch at least from 5:59, then not without reason.


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