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    Default Affiliate keywords restrictions ? A newbie Hello for all.

    Hello guys, I am a newbie in this field and despite that I have learnt so much thing. I want to warmly welcome you . This is my first post here. And for now I have to find the answer to this concern.

    I am in the process of optimizing my site for keywords for promotion of sports betting sites.
    What are the common restrictions in this ? Can I target "Brand" keywords ? like if I promote bet365, optimize the page for that etc. Is that allowed and have anyone tried that ? So far I ve serached on the internet , on some regulations its written that not allowed, but I want to hear from experienced affiliates here .
    Regards mates.

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    Welcome to the GPWA

    As for targeting specific brand names, you should check the terms and conditions for affiliates at the various affiliate programs, some brands have specific rules in place to restrict such, and some do not mind as long as you promote them on the landing pages for those keywords.


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    I agree. some brand not let their affiliate marketers to use they brand for SEO purposed. i get rejected by some website because i'm using review website. even i just go for full width pages without sidebar and no other distraction on that pages (display another affiliate website or review) they still not accept my website :sad

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