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    Default Affiliate Manager Interview Series: Cedrik - Hot Pepper Affiliates

    In this weeks Affiliate Manager Interview Series we talk with Cedrik, your affiliate manager for Hot Pepper Affiliates. These fun and informative sessions are an opportunity to get a personal feel for the people who run the affiliate programs, and we hope they will foster rewarding and productive relationships between GPWA members and sponsors. Please Welcome Cedrik!

    Cedrik, please tell us a little bit of your background:

    Sure Matt. I’ve been in the online gaming industry since 1999. I had the opportunity of handling marketing and affiliate management responsibilities for large casino groups such as Golden Palace, English Harbour and Gambling Federation. I recently joined a dynamic and diversified online gaming group at Hot Pepper Entertainment as their Marketing Director.

    Could you tell us a little bit about Hot Pepper Affiliates?

    Hot Pepper Affiliates is the exclusive affiliate program of Hot Pepper Entertainment. The sponsoring properties are Hot Pepper Casino, Poker, Bingo and Hetman Casino. The unique feature of Hot Pepper Affiliates is that we focus on the Eastern European marketplace such as Russia and the Ukraine.

    Since the passing of the UIGEA – what has changed and how has Hot Pepper Affiliates adapted?

    Following the passing of the UIGEA, we reacted quite rapidly by opening a European division targeting Europe, Russia and Ukraine.

    How do you approach working with portal webmasters?

    Communication is the essence of a great relationship. Before contacting any webmaster, I always look at their portals and research optimum marketing opportunities that would benefit our partners. Remember, I represent the affiliate’s interest and strive to ensure the sponsoring properties offers the affiliates the right marketing products and tools.

    What percentage of your business is directly attributable to affiliates?

    Affiliates represent approximately 20% of our new players’ acquisition.

    What has the withdrawal of Neteller meant to the industry and Hot Pepper Affiliates?

    Once again, since our player focus is in Europe, Russia and Asia, the Neteller withdrawal had a minimal impact in our business results.

    What do you hope to accomplish being a GPWA sponsor?

    Our goal is to maintain ongoing communication with the GPWA members. We wish to inform and educate affiliates on Hot Pepper Affiliate products and services as well as introduce them to the Eastern European and Russian markets.

    Where do you see the industry in 2008?

    I definitely believe the industry will stabilize and expect an increasing number of countries willing to provide licenses to online gaming operators. Our leadership position within the European community will become more evident as additional operators expand into these new regions.

    What advice would you give to new would-be gaming affiliates?

    Globalization. Provide informative gambling information in multi-languages to increase your reach. As well, collect players’ information to have a better understanding of your market demographic and therefore promote them the right product.

    What advice would you give to gaming affiliates who have been in the industry for a while?

    Experienced affiliates should definitely continue innovating. They have the knowledge to push the limits and penetrate new markets. Spread your eggs instead of having them in one location.

    What sports do you enjoy?

    I am a European Football fan and Ice hockey fan as well. I do practice both sports once a week.

    If you could go back in time, what era would you go to?

    I would go in the Renaissance Era. All innovations were born during this Era.

    What has been your favorite place to travel to (for business or pleasure)?

    Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic)

    What are 3 interesting facts about you?

    - Passion: Aircrafts
    - Food: Sushi
    - Music: Classic & Alternative
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    Hey Cedrik,

    Nice read, and congratulations on your recent appointment at Hot Pepper
    Pierrick Leveque

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    Thanks Prk!

    Looking forward seeing you at the CAC in Amsterdam.


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    Great interview Ced! Looking forward to a nice profitable future working with you and Hot Pepper.

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