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Age: 29
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Favorite food: Seafood
Favorite book: Into Thin Air

Rich Clicks is not the first affiliate program you’ve managed. Can you explain your background in the industry?
I was first introduced to online gaming as an affiliate six years ago and as our company expanded, we began offering affiliate program consultation and management. We have managed such clients as Betcorp PLC and Earn United, which remains a client of ours focused on the international marketplace. Most recently, we launched the affiliate program Rich Clicks for to cater to affiliates that target the North American market, particularly the U.S.

This is a brand new affiliate program. What’s the history behind Rich Clicks and what differentiates it from other affiliate programs?
Rich Clicks is entering the casino affiliate market at a time when other programs have been forced to make unfavourable decisions affecting their affiliates. We view this as an exciting opportunity to build a successful program from the ground up with current market conditions and our affiliates’ long term interests in mind. With years of experience in the online gaming industry, the management team has structured a strong and secure business model to outperform in today’s challenging environment.

Rich Clicks offers the industry’s most aggressive revenue-share referral program open to all markets. Our casino partner, One Club Casino, has approved a 50% commission promotion that will run until December and 35% thereafter… with no negative carryover!

What separates Once Club Casino from other online casinos?
Similarly, One Club Casino was crafted with today’s player environment in mind – particularly in the US. The casino prides itself in offering superior payment processing, customer service, personalized promotions, and paying out customer winnings promptly, which is a major draw in attracting loyal customers from around the world.

What was your favorite subject in school? And why was it your favorite subject?
Co-ed swim class! No, just kidding… I enjoyed International Business most. Understanding different cultural values, verbal and non-verbal communication, and successful country-specific marketing methods has always interested me. Fortunately, I have been able to put this knowledge to use, as I work with affiliates from around the world on a daily basis.

What songs are currently on your iPod (or mp3 player)?
I’m a music freak – I listen to everything from jazz and the blues to alternative rock and house. You would find quite a large selection of music and artists to suit almost any mood. In fact, I can’t wait for a bigger iPod.

What’s the key to building successful relationships between affiliates and affiliate programs?
Constant contact! By maintaining relentless communication between both parties, we ensure the maximum potential of each others’ marketing efforts is met. Where contact is essential in maintaining partnerships, I believe trust is fundamental in building new relationships. In affiliate marketing, trust improves with prompt support response, timely payments, and, when the odd irregular issue does arise, open and honest communication. You can expect this service with the Rich Clicks affiliate program.

What’s the first concert you attended in person?
Lollapalooza in ’92 - the year it featured Soundgarden, the Chili Peppers, and debuted Pearl Jam.

What are your three keys to success for an affiliate?
1. Find your niche. Especially in such a hypercompetitive industry such as online gaming, differentiation is essential to offering unique value to customers and capitalizing on a competitive advantage you have over other affiliates.

2. Set goals. Growing and managing a successful business involves setting objectives and striving to meet those goals. Affiliate marketing is no different. In fact, it may be even more important for some to enforce self-discipline in a work-from-home environment. Setting goals properly allows you to measure the results of your work efforts to help determine what’s working and what’s not.

3. Be willing to adapt. We operate in one of the most turbulent industries and, over the years, anyone unwilling or unable to adjust to change has simply vanished. On a brighter note, the Internet is constantly evolving and consistently offers new opportunities market your business.

How do you help affiliates position themselves to maximize profitability?
Each affiliate is different, so most importantly, I learn as much as I can about how our affiliates have structured their business and make suggestions based on proven results. Whether it’s adapting to the current environment, improving lead collection, cross marketing, or getting back to the basic fundamentals, each approach is different. That said, I strongly believe in differentiation and offering unique value to customers, so I try to incorporate these factors when I speak with affiliates about methods to improve their profitability.

Describe your ideal day off.
It would begin with a Café Americano in Rome and would involve an active day outdoors – whether its volleyball on Bondi Beach, hiking (part of) the West Coast Trail, or relaxing on a patio in Marseille, I am easily entertained outdoors! The active day would be topped off with a Lobster feast in Cape Cod and a stroll along the boardwalk in Mar Del Plata. You did say “ideal”!!!