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    Default Any US affiliates getting paid?

    I've gotten the complete runaround from AL for the last few months, wish I had discovered this forum sooner as I assumed them a good option for certain regions of the world for some of my traffic, didn't know they had issues.

    I keep being told random things, the money is in your player account cash it out that way (I don't have a player account, I'm a US affiliate not allowed too) - or "the wire is sent you'll recieve it on our next run" and it never comes.

    Got annoyed, only a couple grand, told them so, now they don't reply to emails about it at all. I removed the brand entirely from my sites, just don't have time to hassle with it and easily replaced.

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    A few years ago I thought they went with a policy of having US Affiliates get paid through player accounts.

    Yes, we can not use the account as a player, but as far I know, they have been paying that way for quite some time.


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