Hi Guys,

Not long till the end of the season now with just two more games to go!

Please join me in congratulating Lawrence Bowden for finishing top of the pile and collecting bet365ís April Manager of the Month award!

This is the second time Lawrence has won the award, who says lightening doesnít strike twice!

As for the chase for the Championship, again Matt Glazier remains in front but his lead has been cut to 30 points by Geoff Millhouse and they chasing pack!

In addition to the prizes above we have also had the names below entered into the end of season draw to win a signed football shirt of your choice!

Spencer James - Week 32
Matt Bisogno - Week 33
Peter Foster - Week 34
Derek Bothwell - Week 35
Lawrence Bowden - Week 36

Best of luck to everyone for the remainder of the season