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    Default Attention Affiliates with Wire Payments

    Hi everyone,<o></o>

    I have been informed by Rival that all Rival casinos are no longer able to send wire payments to our affiliates if their full and correct address is not on their account. During this monthís wire payments, Rival experienced some difficulties sending to accounts that did not have the correct address. The bank is being stricter now and requires the correct address, so only accounts that had the correct information have been paid thus far.<o></o>

    We do have other processors such as ACH, MoneyBookers and Neteller to name a few that are available to our affiliates, so please feel free to change your account if you wish.<o></o>

    Iím sorry about the inconvenience and please take the time to enter the correct information to your account to be able to receive your wires. <o></o>


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    Thanks for letting everyone know Jason.

    What bugs me about this is that this is likely due to regulations recently going into effect....regs that have been on the books for a very long time that Rival should have made their licensees aware of a long long time ago.

    In at least one of the emails I got today from a Rival, in essence it said, sorry oif you didn't get paid, we'll pay you next month...


    I know that if I was expecting a payment that didn't get done because of a missing address I would consider it unacceptable to wait until the following month for said payment.

    Luckily that is not the case I am in.

    But this is something that could have effected me easily since the address on my bank account s different than the address I use for the business.

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