Citing "stronger protections" for the "many Australians" that like to gamble, federal, state and territory ministers announced today 11 new measures aimed to "crack down on online problem gambling."

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Online gambling companies will no longer be allowed to offer lines of credit to their customers.

A voluntary, opt-out precommitment scheme will also be established, links between online wagering providers and payday lenders will be prohibited, and new activity statements will be required to be provided on demand and on a regular basis.

Ministers also committed to agree to implementation details for a national self-exclusion register for online wagering by September this year, which will allow problem gamblers to ban themselves for between three months and a lifetime.
Human Services Minister Alan Tudge, who chaired the meeting of state and federal ministers, said it represented a milestone.

“The rate of problem gambling online is three times higher than elsewhere, and online wagering is growing by 15 per cent per annum . . . In the future, more problems will come from online punting unless we have better protections in place.”
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