We have published new banner and mailer creative promoting the new 250% Welcome Bonus and the 2009 Harley Davidson promotion.

If you are using our 'auto-update' banners, your sites should already be updated with the new banners. If you prefer to manage your own banners, the new creative is available in the Marketing Tools section at www.richclicks.com. Please note, the welcome bonus cash value remains the same ($777 free); only the bonus percentage has doubled from 125% to 250%.

Important: Regardless of One Club Casino's recent URL change to 1clubcasino.com, you DO NOT need to update your affiliate tracking links. We will continue to track 100% of your traffic, but we do recommend updating your websites with the new banners as well as the new bonus and promotions details.

If you have any questions or custom requests, please feel free to contact us.