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    Default bestpaypartners news: 1/2015

    Dear Partner,
    The BestPay Partners team wants to use this opportunity to personally thank you for a great 2014. It was a great year with you and we are confident that in 2015 we will be working even closer together with each of you.
    Here is a bit of a summary of what we developed for you to boost overall conversions/retention performance for all our main market activities to underline our market leader position within our industry:
    1. A totally new/customized Affiliate Software for BestPay Partners went live these very days, to ensure an even more accurate reporting tool and to have allof our 9 online casino brands integrated into onereporting tool for you to ensure a more user friendly work tool for all of us - signup your new account if you did not do already:
    2. Please make sure you switch to our new system/links until the 31.01.2015 and please ask your dedicated affiliate manager for assistance to make sure you are properly setfor 2015 with your new links.
    3. All our 9 casino brands are fully html5 mobile compatible and we see great success on that brand new Rival Mobile product (Tablet + Mobile).
    4. London LAC conference is near. BestPay Partners will be attending London LAC conference with our booth location K3/K4 – Please come visit us to discuss furtherpartnerships and to grab a drink from our well-equipped bar. Please schedule a meeting with us already now, since London is always the busiest conference of the year.
    Looking forward to see/work with you in 2015! There is a lot more great news to come soon, stay tuned and make sure you speak to us in January 2015 to receive more details.
    Best, John
    Affiliate Program Director | BestPay Partners |

    Cher partenaire,
    L'équipe BestPay Partenaires veut saisir cette occasion pour vous remercier personnellement pour cette grande année 2014.
    C’était une grande année avec vous et nous sommes confiants qu'en 2015 nous allons travailler encore plus étroitement ensemble.
    Voici un résumé de ce que nous avons développé pour vous pour augmenter la performance globale et les taux de conversion / rétention pour toutes nos principales activités sur tous les marchés et afin de maintenir notre position de leader du marché dans notre industrie:
    1. Un tout nouveau logiciel personnalisé / d'affiliation pour BestPay Partner est intégré ces jours-ci, afin d'assurer un outilencore plus précis de rapports d’activités et d'avoir enfin toutes nos neuf marques de casino en ligne sur un seul outil de reports pour vous assurerun usage plus convivial et un outil de travail au top pour nous tous:
    2. S’ il vous plaît veillez à passer sur notre nouveau système en changeant vos liens jusqu'au 31/01/2015 et n’hésitez pas àdemander à votre gestionnaire d'affiliation dédiée de vous assister si besoin, pour vous assurer être correctement fixés pour 2015 avec vos nouveaux liens d’affiliation de la nouvelle plateforme.
    3. Toutes nos 9 marques de casino sont entièrement html5 mobile compatibles et nous rencontrons un grand succès sur ce tout nouveau produit mobile Rival(Tablet + Mobile).
    4. La Conférence de Londres LAC est proche. BestPay partenaires seront présents à la conférence de Londres LAC avec notre stand numérosK3 et K4 - Venez nous rendre visite pour discuter des nouveaux partenariats et pour prendre un verre à notre bar bien équipé. Veuillez fixer rendez-vousavec nous dès maintenant, puisque Londres est toujours la plus importante conférence de l'année.
    Au plaisir de vous voir en 2015!
    Beaucoup plus de bonnes nouvelles sont à venir, assurez-vous de nous contacter en Janvier 2015 pour recevoir plus de détails.
    Directeur du programme d’affiliation
    BestPay Partenaires |


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    Thanks for the information,

    I will explain doubts that all members will have, thus answering the thread, all webmasters have the information.

    -No Access to the new platform ?.

    -If Not access how can we see gains in the old panel of statistics ?.

    -┐Payments Be automatic that we do not have access ?.

    They are basic questions, I think the interest of all webmasters who work in Bestpaypartners.

    Best Regards.
    Top 1 in google Spain, Latin America and Central America Keywoard: opciones binarias
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    Hello Thomas,
    already answered you in person on that email of yours yesterday, in addition we also send another email reminder yesterday that explains it all in detai- Here the email from yesterday:

    Dear Partner,
    This is a kindly reminder to have all your “old Rival Affiliate links” switched to our new BestPay Partners Platform (links) for all former Affiliate Platforms Eurobenchmark, Affcoins and BestPay Partners before the 31.01.2015 (end of this month/January 2015). If you did not switch your links yet and opened a new Affiliate Account, please do so right here:

    All old affiliate links of the former platform will be invalid after 31.01.2015, so it is really important to us you have that traffic of yours coming in via our brand new Platform and not just sending us free traffic presents in 2015. If you are interested in checking your former commission report at the old system after that date, please contact me/your Affiliate Account Manager directly to receive access:
    The BestPay Partners team did their utmost to already pull manually for each and every one of you links/new accounts at our new platform, but not everybody confirmed yet the link/platform switch. So please help us and help yourself to have that set properly to make that system switch as smooth as possible so we can work more closely together in 2015.

    Very much looking forward to seeing you all at the London LAC show at our booth K3/K4 from the 31.01. – 02.02.2015 at London Olympia Convention Center/Hotel. If you did not schedule a meeting with us yet, please do so right now: Please also check our BestPay Partners Mobile site for more info:

    Best regards,

    John Stern | BestPay Partners

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