Dear Partner,
This is a kindly reminder to have all your “old Rival Affiliate links” switched to our new BestPay Partners Platform (links) for all former Affiliate Platforms Eurobenchmark, Affcoins and BestPay Partners before the 31.01.2015 (end of this month/January 2015). If you did not switch your links yet and opened a new Affiliate Account, please do so right here:
All old affiliate links of the former platform will be invalid after 31.01.2015, so it is really important to us you have that traffic of yours coming in via our brand new Platform and not just sending us free traffic presents in 2015. If you are interested in checking your former commission report at the old system after that date, please contact me/your Affiliate Account Manager directly to receive access:
The BestPay Partners team did their utmost to already pull manually for each and every one of you links/new accounts at our new platform, but not everybody confirmed yet the link/platform switch. So please help us and help yourself to have that set properly to make that system switch as smooth as possible so we can work more closely together in 2015.
Very much looking forward to seeing you all at the London LAC show at our booth K3/K4 from the 31.01. – 02.02.2015 at London Olympia Convention Center/Hotel. If you did not schedule a meeting with us yet, please do so right now: Please also check our BestPay Partners Mobile site for more info:
Best regards,
John Stern | BestPay Partners