So even though they are not shutting down - it seems they are simply closing accounts down and not even bothering to communicate this fact with webmasters. They must have seen what has happened with the Sky Affiliate Program and the kind of publicity it generated . They have though simply gone ahead and identified and started shutting accounts down.

What then is the point of sending out a general email to all people asking them to email your Compliance people with information if you are then just going to shut accounts down. ( i responded to that with all info btw )

No problem for me as you are difficult to convert and i will simply change a link and direct traffic elsewhere and remove all of the content that you had on the site.

Rather disgusting behaviour though. Wonder what else you do if you are capable of this kind of thing. Cant wait until one of my sites is doing tons of traffic again and you guys come along. Its going to be an interesting conversation.

Thanks Bet365 for nothing