Bet limits are essentially a thing of the past at Earlier this week the leading online sportsbook started allowing their members to re-bet a particular bet type even if the bettor reached the posted limits on that specific sport.

Already known as a sportsbook that accepts large bets, BetOnline’s reputation as a home for big and sharp bettors will only grow with this new feature.

Here is how it works…

Once a bettor reaches the posted limit for a particular bet type, they can re-bet the same selection , for up to the posted limit, once there is a movement in the odds or by waiting just 61 seconds. If they want to bet it again, they can; again just by waiting until a change in the odds or 61 seconds. The bettor can keep doing this over and over as he or she sees fit.

In other words, the bet limits at are whatever amount of money an individual has in their sports betting account.

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