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    Yeah its strage how they would isolate a whole industry of affiliates like this.

    But then again - look at Betfair? They totally destroyed all player trust and shut the door on any sort of negotiation removing funds from players accounts and then stating to Jeremy at PAL they will not post in forums.

    Jeremy said they are done with PAL...

    So both Bewinners and Betfair are like brother and sister. One wipes out affiliates while the other wipes out players.

    Then of course you have Rival (people thinking they are fudging numbers) and Fulltilt removing charging huge fees.

    Like I said before - and I WAS RIGHT!!! Once you allow BWIN to take control and dominate their own terms everyone will follow...

    Were going to see the whole industry blow soon and it will not be good for affiliates.

    I am afraid affiliate models are going to change -with affiliates getting screwed so i hope everyone is prepared for a serious Battle.

    It will only get 100% worse! Trust me..

    Its time to work on a new model and way of dealing with each affiliate program...

    Its unfortunate once respected programs like Bwin and Betfair have decided to really hurt our industry in a terrible way and they know it.

    Silence is a real telling sign of whats to come.

    Quote Originally Posted by Benitho View Post
    It is really unbelievable... If I wouldn`t know any better, IŽd say we are (unvoluntarily) taking part in some kind of secret affiliate-behavioural experiment to check out when the last affiliate has had it...

    How can a company like Bwin do EVERYTHING related to the launch of a new affiliate program completely wrong ??? How the F###### hell is that possible ??

    My 14-year old nephew would have done a better job and all he knows about the business is, that some people send players to the bookies via some more or less cool websites and then we earn a commission on whatever these guys lose.

    It is mindblowing...


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    Few days ago I have make a suggestion to see are all of the affiliates ready to hurt bwin - I haven't seen any followers in the idea and take a look...

    I suggested in an topic few days ago to risk certain amount of banner impressions and money to present to all those players, existing and potential along with all affiliates to opem their eyes and see with whom they are giving their money...
    So guys, like I said, if we don't act now, we won't have anything to lose later, now we have big deals to lose.

    30 to 40% of all income to bwin comes from affiliate program - if that would not hurt them when affiliates and players hurt them - they must be very brave and quite crazy.

    I would like to see their stocks worth now and at the end of nexr year.

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