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    Default Bingo Vs Casino, My findings!

    Just thought I'd share a bit of experience gained over the last few years in regard to being a bingo affiliate Vs a casino affiliate.

    This isn't an in-depth guide to anything it's more just a few findings and things worth considering for your next launch. I prefer bingo now as it's just easier. Writing this could make everyone here jump on the bandwagon and make life harder for me, but we all know most people are lazy and that won't happen

    1: Competition and player value

    Bingo is a lot less competitive than the casino market where affiliates are concerned. Spend an hour or so on Ahrefs and you'll find a ton of great converting keywords with little or no competition. The same can be said for casino terms but you'll spend a lot longer digging for the gold and ranking is just harder full stop.

    There is IMO a misconception that bingo players don't have the same value or even classed as low value by many.

    In my own experience, this simply isn't true. Obviously, you catch a whale or two and suddenly being a casino affiliate seems like hitting the jackpot and life's all sunshine and rainbows. But the same can be true for bingo, it's also much more steady and not as volatile.

    Bingo players seem much more loyal and once they have signed up and claimed their welcome bonus they don't just up and leave. Sure, many do but, a lot stay and keep earning you consistent money month after month after month which soon turns into Years. They make friends in the chat rooms and log in just for gossip while they play, this simply does not happen with casinos.

    The player value might be smaller but you are more likely to pick up more players as the competition is also lower. It really is that simple. That said bingo isn't just bingo and slots feature very heavily on bingo sites. You would be very surprised how many bingo players love to spin those reels!

    You can get good rev share from bingo players equal to that from a casino affiliate program. CPA deals should be ignored at all costs I reckon but I am constantly offered CPA's of around 70 for bingo players as long as they deposit 5 with no other requirements to trigger the CPA. The normal however is around 30 to 40.

    2: Link building

    I think and I hope you would all agree that this is possibly the most important part of being successful as an affiliate. It's also one of the hardest and most time-consuming things you need to do on a very regular basis.

    Getting links for a casino site is very hard work. What I have found however is that bingo is a whole new ball game and much easier.

    I've found it very simple to get links and guest posts from lifestyle blogs for a bingo site by writing topics like "how to host your very own bingo party" or "Has online bingo made us reclusive? Perhaps it's time to go out?" and the lifestyle blogs love to post this stuff.

    Bear in mind also that these blogs and sites which are specific to bingo or gambling have some great authority and if you make the topic fit its a good link. I'd say I'm successful 4 out of 10 times when asking for a bingo link. While trying for a casino one more often than not doesn't even get a reply.

    The link building part of being a bingo affiliate is so much easier that it almost becomes enjoyable. This was a big plus for me and a reason that the next few sites I make will likely be bingo related.

    I might at some point write a much more in-depth article on a site explaining this in a lot more detail, but for now, it's just a few things to think about over the weekend.

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    Thanks for the helpful post. Yes, building casino links is quite a challenge. Looking forward to your in-depth article on this topic!

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