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I just wanted to give you a little update on the latest at bingocams! If you've not joined bingocams partners yet, sign up! Our TV campaign goes live on Saturday as well as loads of new developments so there has never been a better time to promote bingocams!!

Working with TV psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos and YouGov, Bingocams have commissioned The Celebration Report. Many interesting and relevant findings came out of the study and we already have media confirmed from Metro newspaper (60 second interview), Closer and Now Magazines, as well as many others and we'd really love to get you involved.

Please find the press release at the end of my email and more information on our site at Bingocams - Live Bingo at its Best! and a pdf of the study by clicking here.

Please feel free to use the images here and on bingocams and let me know if you need any more information.

Oh and if you are going to cover the Celebration report please email me back with the URL so I can inform our PR agency. Thanks!

Microgaming Mini Games Now Live!!
Yesterday saw the launch of 8 new mini games into our games client and so far they are already proving to be a hit with our players! The games launched are as follows:

* Tomb Raider
* The Osbournes
* Hitman
* Spring Break
* European Blackjack Gold
* Avalon
* Legacy
* Break da Bank

And there's more to follow. We'll be launching a new game once a fortnight from now on so keep an eye out! If you want any more information on the individual games please let me know.

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On the 29th September from 7pm to 10pm you are invited to join us at Bingocams Towers, our luxurious mansion
in the Hollywood Hills. All the big movie, music and sporting celebrities will be attending too. But there's something
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And that's everything for now. Our TV ad launches this weekend so I will send you more information on that as soon as possible.

If you haven't already joined, signup at BingocamsPartners and email me to arrange a bespoke deal and activation.

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===============PRESS RELEASE=====================

Press Release: Bingocams commission The Celebration Report
Leading Britain out of a Psychological Resession

The current economic climate is creating a psychological recession in Britain today. Research released today reveals that 71% want to celebrate life more, with 18-24 year olds feeling most that they have little to celebrate.

The Celebration Report, commissioned by psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos and Bingocams.co.uk, reveals that over half (57%) of us feel that those who celebrate more have happier lives, showing that celebrating the smaller things in life is now more important than ever. Notably the same percentage believes that people who are less inhibited in life have more fun. However, financial constraints are preventing over half (55%) of us from celebrating more, whilst lack of opportunity prevents nearly a third (28%) of us from doing so.

Dr Linda comments: “Being able to take pleasure and enjoy the smaller, simpler things in life is a great way to feel happier. We must learn to let go when it comes to celebrating; living moments of happiness fully has been shown to have a positive effect not only on emotional health but on physical health as well.”

The report is based upon research commissioned by Bingocams.co.uk in partnership with Dr Linda Papadopoulos and was conducted by YouGov amongst 4,000 respondents. It examines the role celebration plays in our daily lives and the psychology behind our opinions of, and approach to, celebration.

The report reveals that:

* 7 in 10 agree that finding things to smile about is now more important than ever
* 57% of Brits agree that those who let go during celebrations have the most fun
* 64% would like to see a return to simpler, community-based celebrations with 78% rating spending time with friends and family as more important now than ever

Dr Linda states: “Being able to celebrate and share positive experiences with those around us has a great effect on bonding and building community spirit which also has been shown to correlate with good mental health.”

* 30% of those aged 18-24 feel they don’t have much to celebrate and 56% of that age group are finding it harder to find fun things to do in their spare time
* Despite 65% agreeing that they are worried about the way youth today celebrates, 57% of 18-24 year olds feel that we should celebrate more together as a nation – more than any other group
* Not only does the act of celebrating affect our psychological health – 57% believe that those who celebrate more lead happier lives, it also has a positive effect on our physical health

“Physical changes when a positive unexpected event happens to us include a rise in endorphins, increased heart rate and an over feeling of well-being. It is no surprise that people actually FEEL the effects of celebrating,” adds Dr Linda.

* Celebration can be as good as sex – if you’re a man
* Men are more likely than women to hold back their emotions when something great happens to them, with only just over half (54%) even breaking out into a smile
* Women are also most likely to grab someone and give them a hug to celebrate good news
* When actually celebrating, the majority of Brits (44%) say they always do so in moderation; just over a quarter (26%) are exuberant, outgoing and ‘let it all out’ celebrants, whilst a fifth (20%) are shy and retiring or introverted in their celebrations
* The report also reveals interesting insights with regard to regionalism. Despite stereotypes, such as those from the North being unfettered in their partying and those from London being standoffish, statistics actually show that Londoners are more likely to be extroverted during celebrations (33%) than Northerners (24%)
* Meanwhile, most regions freely acknowledge Scotland and London as being intrinsic to the true spirit of celebration, hosting Hogmanay and royal occasions, respectively

Vikki Taylor, Marketing Manager UK of Bingocams.co.uk comments: “We welcome the findings of this research. While people seem to be slightly struggling at the moment, they are definitely looking for ways in which to celebrate more. At Bingocams.co.uk we have made celebrations the core of our offering with thousands of Live Win Moments every day for players to celebrate their winnings”.


All figures are from YouGov Plc. The fieldwork was undertaken 19th-22nd August 2011; the total sample size was 4,053 adults and is representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).