Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters

Sharing my personal roulette systems, ideas and casino wisdom. Roulette is my favorite game and I owe to it many big wins and humiliating disasters.

  1. Is this the fastest winning roulette strategy?

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    Pretty amazing results really. Of course the secret is to bet high. But it can go both ways, will a lot or lose a lot. Interesting strategy anyway. It is sort of the old classic progression type of roulette systems; Like the Martingale or D'Alembert and Paroli etc. I haven't seen anything really better lately though. I mean, after all the fancy words about randomness and quantum phisics it always comes down to how you bet when you win and how you ...
  2. Welcome to the New Age of Gamblers!

    by , 30 April 2016 at 6:35 am (Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters)
    Like the Casinos on the Strip of yesteryear, the great casinos of today are fighting tooth and nail do draw the casual holiday gambler – and the high-rolling free-wheelers of the heyday within their doors, to liberate as much cash from the players and would-be players as possible. But there is a difference in the air, and even the big players like Caesar’s and MGM realize the competition to bring down the whales is arguably less of importance than converting the online card game player (Can you ...
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  3. Eight methods to bet at roulette and win

    by , 1 April 2016 at 7:32 am (Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters)
    Method #1 – Using your Psychic Ability (PSI)
    It is quite interesting to note that you cannot beat the game by mere facts. Only by proper application, will you have the wit to make successful moves. Conversely, you can win the wheel legally by making use of PSI. This is an interesting form of investment that will help you track your funds, while keeping the fun quotient alive. PSI encourages players to focus on a specific intention. What do you wish to do? Do you want to win or lose the roulette? ...

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  4. Roulette physics, biased wheels, computers and advantage play

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    When the Biased Wheel Comes into Play!

    The game of roulette is well known for its mystifying nature. There are plenty of stories and myths to describe tacky strategies. Sometimes, it would be virtue to identify every casino’s weakness and strength. However, if you are ought to play on a biased wheel you should be much more careful. The biased wheel attack is an enticing technique that works on wheels with prudent physical imperfections. Creating a flawless ...

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  5. Handling Different Types of Roulette Systems

    by , 1 April 2016 at 7:23 am (Unusual roulette strategies: big wins and foolish disasters)
    There are many roulette betting systems for potential players. Generally, professional gamblers tend to focus on games that pace in a smooth manner. Some of the town’s finest roulette systems fall within the following categories:

    1. Progressive – This is an antique system that has being around for several years. The characteristic game depends on previous bets. If you know why and what happened to your previous bet, you will know how to customize your next moves.
    2. Betting zones

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