The online poker business for affiliates is an exciting area. This blog is the place to share thoughts about various aspects.

Aspect 1: Domain name and hosting

A good name and an affordable yet flexible and reliable web hosting service are the pre-requisites for a successful affiliate website. Though the use of bonus codes is a great tool in off-line and online marketing, an easy to remember domain name and a permanently uptime website are also essential for success.

(we started with featuring sportbetting and later added poker, first as a subdomain then as an autonomous poker site known as

Our domains are registered with

Aspect 2 - Global versus local targets

Our main site is written in English for a global audience but we have also included smaller sections in Russian and Hungarian Plus we have added an online translation tool for our visitors to be able to read our content in other languages, too. At this stage we are focusing on building a network of sub-affiliates to be able to reach segments that are otherwise not within our reach.

Aspect 3 - Which poker room(s) to promote?

There are quite many rooms out there providing excellent experience for the players and excellent content and conditions for affiliates.
We go with the best rooms as we only recommend partners that we are also pleased to play at.
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To be continued-

  1. Affiliate and player

    by , 28 April 2009 at 4:20 am (Betsbook)
    To look a credible affiliate in the poker business you have to be a poker player, too