How are the Bitcoin casinos reviewed?

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by , 24 March 2020 at 4:45 am (82 Views)
10 steps of how to review a Bitcoin Casino

Step 1: General observation and feeling of the casino
Nothing like first impression and as have found it very important. This is why we have placed the general observation as the first step to review bitcoin casino. We look at the website and its design, the list of providers, payment methods and the variety of games each can play at this casino. The review is based on a chat we engage with the customer support (before we make any registration or deposit) just to see there is someone serious on the other side.

Step 2: Register an anonymous account
Registering a player account, using several methods to keep it anonymous. We do not want the casino to know that BestBitcoinCasino is the owner of this account, so we use different details and a VPN service. After completing the registration, we look and evaluate the registration email we have received from the reviewed bitcoin casino. We use date of birth to be the same week when we opened the account, the reason for that is in step 4: Making an initial deposit and evaluating the bonuses

Step 3: Waiting to receive some communication and promotional materials
The next step usually I to make a deposit, we wait 4-5 days before we do so, as we want to receive some emails, SMS and promotions from the casino we review. We care to see their care of the new players, which have made no deposit yet. These communication channels are used also to provide information for the bitcoin casino rating we provide at the end of the review process.

Step 4: Making an initial deposit and evaluating the bonuses
This is the part where most casino reviews are missing the valuable information, since many players are seeking for the best bitcoin casino bonuses. This is where the most interesting part started, this is where the bitcoin casino can win or lose the review – by the way it provides and list the bonuses. Prior the to the deposit we ask for no deposit bonus to be added to the account, like free spins or free $5. Next step is to make an initial deposit of ( in most cases of the initial casino deposit ) three times the minimum deposit. Why 3 times of the minimum deposit in the casino? This is a trademark.
Once the deposit is done, we evaluate and measure the time it takes, the way its process and the value of the following – first deposit bonus, second deposit bonus, third deposit bonus, weekly cashbacks, birthday bonus, VIP bonus.

Step 5: Playing casino games, different types and style
Well, after completing the bonuses review session, the best part is this – playing the games. Unlike most of the bitcoin casino players which are stuck and in favour for very few games, we are seeking and playing different types of casino games, from all the optional providers. Table games, Bitcoin Slots, Live Dealers, Dice, and if possible, we also try sports betting, eSports and other products on the bitcoin casino reviewed website. By the way, if the casino offer additional products like the above, or like Poker and such – he might get better ranking for value of the content.

Step 6: Asking for free spins and track results
This is the second time we talk to the support on the bitcoin casino site and we are doing so after clearing the cache data, in order for thr agent not to connect this chat with the previous one. The idea of this chat is to ask for Bitcoin Free Spins and see the result. We know that free spins are given to new players with no deposit count, also for VIP players and in some cases it’s a bonus within the game. By the way the agent is handling this request, we can learn a lot about the casino

Step 7: Bitcoin casino withdrawals
As you probably understand, the withdrawals and its processing, are the most sensitive issue among players and the most discussed topic in the forums. When we evaluate a bitcoin casino withdrawals process, it depends on the amount we want to withdrawal and this amount compare to the total balance, it depends on the time during the day and the day of the week. We have developed a way to make the withdrawal process and by the time it takes, the emails we get and the promotions which follows – to review the casino on the best way, for its withdrawal’s procedures.

Step 8; Reading other notes, updated forums and license check up

We used to have this section earlier in the process, but we moved it to #8, because we realised that its better to have clear observation of the bitcoin casino we review first, and read external information only after. So when we complete the registration, deposit, playing some games and making a withdrawal, we now go out side of the website to get more notes. Usually we check other reviews, but from certificate websites only, we participate in discussions and use our gold accounts in the top forums and we complete a call with the regulator, to make sure the license is valid and active.

Step 9: Hard support chat
This step is not friendly and the idea is to make sure the support team is aware of the process we have gone thru as a player, when we completed the bitcoin casino review process. We just ask all the hard questions and want to see that the agent can access the CRM, can take a decision and can accelerate the query if needed. As example of the chat, things like “where is my bonus you promised me?” / “why don’t I get my withdrawal already?” / “How to win this casino game?” and such.
In most cases, and this is a value point for the casino on review – when we get an email after this chat from a manager or supervisor, who wants to clear the issue, help or just ask if we have got the service we asked for.

Step 10: Responsible gaming
Last step of the casino review, if maybe the most painful one, and this is everything related to responsible gaming. We at Best Bitcoin Casino are fully dedicated to the fact that each player needs to have this limitation, profile notes and full ability to keep safe. Gamble aware, responsible gaming, governmental individuals and gaming control boards, operators, and vendors are all aligned to reach this goal – to make bitcoin casino responsible.

This is the last step of the bitcoin casino review process we take, when we list new casino on our sources. Maybe the most important one, to make this playing experience, the best and safest for us all players.
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