WSOP Vegas 2009- I want to marry a poker something!!!

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by , 8 July 2009 at 2:54 pm (4300 Views)
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Poker affiliate, poker operator, poker player, poker magazine owner- I don't care. This life is glamorous!! Well, at least the lives of the male dominated poker somethings that I know are glamorous. Penthouse suites, Jay Z concerts, large diamond encrusted watches, weekly Hard Rock Hotel Rehab excursions, Crystal Champagne and birthday cake at XS, Julius Caesar costumes, multiple tables at Tryst, babes in hotel hot tubs, and the list goes on. What is it about the poker industry that I find so appealing? It cannot be just the money. Perhaps it's the fabulous location of the WSOP, or perhaps it's the cocky nature of the poker pros that I find amusing, or maybe it's all the media hype and attention, or could be the crazy parties and fun people that surround the poker industry? Nah, none of those are it. It's definitely the money.
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Poker something penthouse suites
So I'm kidding about the money thing. I don't really care about money, but the 20 something poker somethings that have already made bank are pretty impressive in my opinion. 21 years old, Sky Loft suite in the MGM. 22 years old, penthouse suite in the Palms. Are you kidding me? Ok, so maybe the 21 year old was sharing his suite with another 20 something poker affiliate, but still, are you kidding me? What is it that I'm doing wrong here? Either I'm seriously missing out on igaming business opportunities, or I'm seriously dating the wrong guys. Probably both. As an outsider looking in, I can certainly tell you that both of these accommodations were nothing short of fabulous- 6000 beautiful square feet at MGM, a huge pool table, an even huger balcony, and a hot tub full of girls at Palms. Not bad, not bad at all.
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Porn star-free Doyle Brunson party
I know just about all of you have seen my infamous Ron Jeremy picture. That thing is buried deep in my Facebook photo album archives, yet everyone seems to find it as soon as they add me as a friend. Unbelievable. Much to my disappointment, Ron Jeremy did not make a cameo appearance at the annual Doyle Brunson WSOP party, but industry legends Doyle Brunson, Bob Rains, Aleksi, Erik good looking, and Ziigmund sure did. So what if the 80% of the crowd was male. Despite the lack of porn stars and women, the Doyle Brunson party was packed full of industry people that I love, especially those poker somethings that I want to marry someday. Best party ever if you ask me.
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Everest Poker, the WSOP superstars
I'm not sure I can ever forget the Everest Poker logo after this past weekend. It was everywhere! I spent about 30 minutes at the actual WSOP, and I still saw the logo all over Las Vegas. Most impressive was the projection of the logo on the outside walls of PURE, venue for the annual Everest Poker WSOP 4th of July party. I'm not sure if I could ever ask for a better relationship with a Platinum GPWA sponsor, long time Casino City advertiser and former employer. The fine Everest Affiliates team went out of their way to provide me, and 20 other industry people I offered to help, with last minute passes to their party and entertained us for the seven hours that we were there. The fine Everest Affiliates team also went out of their way to host me at their fancy WSOP hospitality suite, complete with slick leather couches, refreshments, Twitter updates, even more logos, and best of all, the Nintendo Wii.
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Phil Hellmuth, the "Ultimate" prima donna
During those 30 minutes that I spent at the actual WSOP, I witnessed a spectacle that was so absurd I could have sworn it was an illusion. Everest's Annalisa and I coincidentally pulled up to the Rio at the very same time Phil Hellmuth was making his grand entrance dressed as Julius Caesar. Oh, but he was not alone. Julius sashayed through the screaming crowd and flashing cameras escorted by models in body paint and UB gear, his palms out and open, rose petals flying through the air and trumpets blowing around him. The spectacle continued inside the Ultimate Bet hospitality suite where Chipleader's Danielle and I personally witnessed Phil's ESPN interview and interactions with the UB team. This poker icon is such a brat, but you've got to respect him for his flamboyant nature and poker playing skills. However, skilled as he may be, this is a poker something that definitely would not like to marry.
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Even more fun
After spending a long weekend in Antigua with Calvin and the Bodog bigwigs, I was treated to even more Bodog goodness, this time with the fantastic Bodog Affiliate team. As an unexpected treat, I also spent lots of quality time with my long time friend and former Bodog employee Shannon, the very best event planner I have ever met. In true Bodog Affiliates form, I was given the all around royal treatment, invited to several meals, served more than several margaritas, and much to everyone's pleasure, exposed to a lot of Jimmy Buffett. But that's not all. Stay tuned for a lot more on the Brand, Bodog Affiliates, the head of the UK facing business, adventures in Antigua, time with Calvin, and

Are you his enemy?
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    LoL at Hellmuth in the Roman costume...That's just so wroong...LoL