Choosing a good online slot is a challenge we'll help you with

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by , 24 November 2019 at 8:54 am (252 Views)
With thousands of online slots to choose from, it's sometimes very difficult to choose the one we should play. You need slot reviews for that, preferably ones where the reviewer actually played the game and knows a thing or two about slots. You won't get anything from those mindless reviews that explain nothing and leave you just as clueless as you were before. So let's have a look at what are the most important things to look for in slots.

Variance - low or high risk?

First and foremost, you need to decide if you want to play a low-, medium- or high-variance slot. A lot of players end up settling for low- and medium-variance slots such as those by NetEnt, and that explains the popularity of this developer. These slots pamper you with small wins often, and give you that cozy feeling as if you can't lose money. It's low risk but you'll still be losing in the long run.

Low-variance slots usually lack significant top prizes, though this isn't always the case. What you want in a slot game is a setup that is capable of paying a huge sum if you're lucky, otherwise what's the point in playing? At the same time you want enough small wins to keep you going, and a theoretical RTP that guarantees you can play a long time without losing much. Usually these will be medium to high-variance slots, and RTP is key.

Progressive jackpot slots are a special kind of high-variance slots, and these can bring life-changing wins if the jackpot is large enough and is awarded often enough.

Bonus round(s) and other features

Almost all online slots have a free spins game, and some slots also have a second or even a third bonus round. Some also have exciting main game features such as expanding wilds, collecting scatters, dropping symbols, variable number of paylines and other stuff.

We at GamblersFever always say it's important to have fun and enjoy the features of a slot game, because if we only looked at math and RTP then we'd be playing slots with RTP above 99%, and there are 7 of these, give or take, so we'd quickly get bored to death.

Choose a fun slot, just make sure it also fits your playing profile when it comes to risk/reward, and also make sure the RTP is at least decent.

Slot themes

Most players simply choose a theme they're interested in, such as Vikings, Game of Thrones, Superman, some TV show they like, bowling, Greek Gods, Aztecs, gems - and that's perfectly fine. You need the slot game to pull you into its world so you forget about real life for a while, that's the purpose of gaming. There are some slots with incredible themes such as Castle Builder 1 and 2 or various movie-themed slots.


There are tons of quality slots and perhaps even more slots you shouldn't play because they either offer RTP that's way too low or simply don't pay well - which will only become obvious after you pay to learn that. Using a free resource for high rollers such as GamblersFever can save you a lot of money and effort, as you'll only be playing the best games and will enjoy your gambling more.
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