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Why Bother - Am I bothered?

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by , 24 July 2009 at 5:11 pm (1953 Views)
I have had several affiliate managers contact me over the past few days wanting to have banner placement on my main page, I am VERY reluctant to promote anyone new and insist if they want to get my frontpage exposure they can have it for a one off fee and a rev share, at the end of the day I am not the best in the world at doing web design and implementing it, in fact I have just now started outsourcing to get all my coding optimised. The annoying thing is that 2 of the affiliate mangers that contacted me, agreed this with me, told me they would send the payment and so I went through the process of registering an a affiliate account and player account. So then I get completely IGNORED by them , no money nothing, not even the common courtesy of replying on skype or msn, this kind of action sucks as not only does it waste my time, it absolutely GUARANTEES I will NEVER do business with them again.

I live by these codes of ethics and think that if more people did the same, we would all get along a lot better

  • NEVER make a promise you cannot keep - if your not 100% in charge of the situation you cannot promise
  • BE ACCOUNTABLE - If you mess up, put your hand up, take the blame and apologise, people will respect you more
  • BE THERE - Don't ignore people or hide, if your busy simply tell people that and you will get back to them, but make sure you do get back to them
  • Honesty and Integrity - Do not lie, you will gain nothing in return, be honest and people will be honest with you, once your caught out lying then that image will stick
  • TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY - I have players that generate a healthy amount of rake for me, I also have players that generate a little, both these people are important to my business and I always do my best to help them regardless of what income they generate, I have noticed that some affiliate managers don't have the time of day for you as you only turn over a couple of hundred euros, this kind of attitude does irk me.

Well I think I have successfully ranted this out of my system

Thanks for taking time out to read

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