The Best and Most Profitable Casino Affiliate Program

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by , 25 May 2016 at 8:53 pm (1956 Views)
The facts you need to know about casino affiliate programs, and how to maximize your website revenue.

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The ďbest casino affiliate programĒ is basically whichever ads are most profitable for your website. Most Webmasters spend a lot of time on search engine optimization and promotion of their website, but little time to determine which ads to run. In fact, most rely on casino affiliate program review websites with misleading statistics.

Who I am & what I know about revenue optimization

I started my internet advertising career at Alta Vista, primarily developing advertising strategies from a technical perspective. If youíve been around the Internet for some time, youíd know Alta Vista is yesterdayís Google.

Eventually I joined another online promotional company, which was one of the very first search engine optimization companies. Having seen the evolution of Internet marketing, Iíve come to understand revenue optimization for websites very well. Today I work for a private Internet marketing company. Our clients are almost entirely sourced from referrals, but in many cases we actively approach companies to promote their products. We do have a website, although we donít bother promoting it because we source clients from referrals.

Are Casino Affiliate Programs The Best Source of Revenue?

I donít want to ruffle feathers, but the fact is weíve found casino affiliate programs are usually not the most profitable use of gambling website traffic. And I'll give you detailed reasons why. But first letís assume that you have created your gambling related website, and are looking away to monetize traffic. So then you go to Google and find a casino affiliate reviews website. There are two primary models: revenue share and cost per acquisition.

Revenue share: this is when you are paid a percentage of the casinos income. So when players lose, you profit. Revenue share can be for the lifetime of player, or only for a specified time. A new depositing player may lose only $100, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars although this is very rare.

Cost per acquisition (CPA): this is where you are paid when the player takes a particular action, such as depositing funds into their account, or the registration of a new account. You may be paid around $200 per new player, regardless of the size of the deposit.

So which is better? I wonít bore you with the details weíve found. But ultimately, in the long-term, revenue share has a clear advantage. But in the short term, cost per acquisition has the advantage, although only slight.

Comparing Conversion Rates: Are They Everything?

The conversion rate is simply the percentage of visitors that eventually become players. So if you have 1000 visitors, and only 1% conversion rate, this means that for every 1000 visitors, you refer 10 players. Depending on your website and niche, this is not particularly bad, although perhaps only one in 10 of registered players will actually deposit funds. And you donít get paid unless you refer depositing players.

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Many Webmasters look first at conversion rates, without looking at the bigger picture. The chances are that a $1 product will have a higher conversion rate than a $100 product. But this doesnít mean that the cheaper product is more profitable to promote. Itís the same case with the promotion of anything, including with casino affiliate programs.

How to Determine Which Ads are Most Profitable

A better metric to consider is the income per visitor you refer. Different advertising networks call it a different thing. For the purposes of this article, letís call it ďRPVĒ which is revenue per visitor. And itís the average revenue per visitor you send via your casino affiliate link. So now letís say youíve gone to a casino affiliate review site, and thought youíve done the right thing by choosing the program with the highest RPV. But you may not have given thought to your specific website. A particular casino ad or offer thatís optimal for one website is often not for other websites.

For example, you wouldnít advertise live roulette casinos to craps players. This is an obvious example. A less obvious example is the majority of casino affiliates behind the statistics may have poker themed websites. But you have a website catering to all casino games so the RPV won't apply to you. You may find a particular affiliate program is most profitable using the RPV model. So naturally you assume it will be the same for you, and you start running the same ads on your website. But when you take a closer look at the statistics, you may find your RPV doesnít match what the casino affiliate review site says.

Basically Iím saying very carefully match your ads to each page. You cannot expect to optimize your revenue unless you do this. The majority of casino affiliate websites do not even consider the appropriateness of ads on individual pages. This is because itís much easier to place the same ad on all pages. Itís not how Googleís Adsense does it, because itís not the way to maximize revenue.

Should You Promote the Biggest and Best Casinos?

You need to know this well. Bet365 is one of the biggest online gambling companies. And it may have relatively good conversion rates (for people that visit their website for the first time), partly because it is widely promoted on television, and therefore trusted. So does this mean you should run their ads? Should you be a Bet365 affiliate?

First, consider you are only paid for new players. Bet365 has already saturated the market. If you take 10 random online gamblers, you may find that half of them already have an account with Bet365. So promoting such a company is going to waste valuable traffic, and will nowhere near maximize your revenue.

So avoid promoting the better-known gambling companies. People that will see your ads are more likely to already have an account.

What Difference Will Advertising Optimization Make?

One of our clientís websites is a well known brand name with over 10,000 visitors per day. Initially they were running the same ad on all their pages, which promoted a particular online casino. Thereís a few things wrong with this, with one being banner burnout. This is where the running of the same ad constantly gets ignored. In contrast, different banners can be rotated for a much higher click through rate, despite it being for the same offer.

So upon taking them as a client, the first thing we recommended is rotating banners. After three months of testing, their revenue had tripled. Letís put this into perspective. If your current revenue was $1,000 per month, then your annual revenue is $12,000. Multiply by three, itís $36,000 per year. It is very important to understand small changes can make an enormous difference to your income. If you just place whatever ad seems good, or whatever ad is popular, you are making big mistakes and losing a lot.

We further optimized the advertising to be more targeted to particular pages, and the effects were varied. We found that the right ads on particular pages which previously averaged $20 income per month, were able to generate in excess of $3000 per month (after better ad targeting). This is a extraordinary difference. Other pages did not have such a dramatic difference, although most showed a significant increase in revenue.

With further optimizations, we increased their revenue by a total factor of almost 10. Absolutely it is a huge difference. But this is not necessarily because we are masters of Internet marketing. It is because the Webmaster was making lazy and fundamental mistakes that severely limited their income. We turned a part-time hobby into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

What are the Best and Most Profitable Ads To Run on Gambling Websites?

Hereís further advice on selecting the best offer for each page.

If you have a page about casino bonuses, then your ads need to be targeted towards casino bonuses. In fact you would already probably list the various bonuses with the signup link. So really the whole page would be an advertisement, rather than you running individual ads.

If you have a page about gambling systems and tips, then instead of promoting online casinos, you would do better to promote reputable gambling strategies. There are very few of them, but if you are interested in need to search for advantage play gambling systems. We have had extraordinary results with clients promoting particular merchants, who offer unique tools, software and services to casino players. Unfortunately you wonít find the right merchants in places like commission junction, so you need to do careful research.

If your page is about particular casinos in Las Vegas, then promote hotels, restaurants or related services for the Las Vegas region. It may do no good to advertise an online casino to someone who is interested in Vegas.

Although I do work for an internet marketing company, my purpose of writing is information is not to get clients. We already have more than enough clients. Quite simply I see many people making critical mistakes that dramatically reduces their revenue, so I hope you have found this information useful.

And again I know a casino affiliate manager, and online casinos, won't particularly like this article. But the fact is just about every gambling website runs ads for online casinos, and it's usually not even close to the most profitable use of gambling traffic.