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by , 14 January 2020 at 9:40 pm (229 Views)
Kara Scott is a recognizable name in the world of poker. An avid player and media personality, Scott has been on the professional poker scene for 15 years. She knows the players, understands the biz, and appreciates the game itself. So when 888 Poker was looking for a new ambassador it was an easy decision to tap one of the most respected women in the game. Now, Scott is presenting a brand new poker podcast armed with an exciting twist.

The podcast is called, "The Heart of Poker", and promises to do exactly as its name describes. It will not be just another podcast lost in a shuffle of similar podcasts focused on the same subject matter. Instead, Scott and 888 Poker plan to go deeper. The podcast will not contain the usual fare, poker pros sharing their favorite anecdotes or coverage of the latest hot-button to plague social media, but will offer an in-depth look into poker pros themselves. Scott will attempt to create an intimate glance into who the top names in poker really are. In order to accomplish this, Kara Scott will utilize Arthur Aron's 36 questions.

Now, this is the part where most people ask, "who exactly is Arthur Aron and what does he have to do with poker?" As for the latter, Arthur Aron has nothing to do with poker. However, it is the former question that is important. Arthur Aron was a known psychologist operating out of Stony Brook University. He developed a series of 36 questions aimed at making two strangers fall in love with one another. The ultimate aim of the questions was to foster intimacy over the course of a single conversation. Kara Scott will be using a modified version of these questions in her podcast. She will not attempt to make the pros fall in love with her, however, but will instead attempt to uncover a deeper look into who they are.

How Will it Work?

The podcast will be a one-on-one experience with Kara asking the questions to her guests. As the questions are designed to be deep and engaging the conversation will reveal parts of poker's most respected players that no one has seen before. In an ocean of carbon-copied interviews that offer the same basic information, the Heart of Poker will attempt to offer something unique and poignant. Instead of focusing on the game of poker, Kara will instead focus fully on the people that play it.

Aron's 36 questions contain everything from ice-breakers to in-depth core value queries. So listeners will get a full picture of who these people really are. Kara will ask them about their most treasured memories, who they would like to have over for dinner, and what they value most in a friend. The podcast will be both funny and serious. Guests will talk about everything from their most embarrassing moments to what their relationship is like with their family. Scott will even cover morbid questions focused on mortality.

The questions will be challenging and thought-provoking causing guests to put thought into their answers. The ultimate aim to disarm even the savviest interviewees so a truly raw picture will form. Scott will be looking for more than simple interview fare and her guests will have to discard standard answers. Instead of a typical surface interview that viewers forget instantly, Scott and 888 Poker want to create a true connection.

"The questions will create a shortcut into truly knowing who your favorite poker pros are," Scott explained, "A true connection can be quite intoxicating."

Where to Find It

The Heart of Poker is featured on PodBean. It can be accessed through Scott's personal profile 888 Poker will also advertise on their own site The first episode is already available and was recorded on December 27, 2019. Scott's first guest was Chris Moorman. Moorman is another 888poker ambassador. He is also a respected poker pro from Britain. Moorman once carried the reputation as the best online tournament player in the world. In his tenure, he has won a whopping $6 million-plus from live tournaments with another $10 million coming from online tournaments. Moorman is another respected name in the poker world and an excellent first guest for Scott's podcast.

According to reviews, Moorman tells some stories no one has ever heard before. He also opens the door on what his life is like inside and outside of poker. True to form the questions he's asked range from what terrifies him the most and how easy he finds getting to know people socially. Scott gets some interesting answers as well as some poignant responses. Moorman is a little self-conscious at first but Aron's questions do their job and he begins to open up. Scott ends the interview with a doozy. Her final question asks Moorman what about his upbringing he would change. The whole interview is over forty minutes long. New episodes will be coming soon.

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