States Could Look to Online Gambling as a “Savior”

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by , 2 April 2020 at 1:00 pm (161 Views)
Some casinos in America are starting to re-think this whole online gambling thing. Many have resisted the move, usually based on scare tactics implemented by multi-billionaire casino moguls (think Sheldon Adelson). But as the times change and pandemics change our world, even the biggest opponents may soon be faced with a serious economic choice.

In states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Delaware online United States casinos, poker rooms, sports betting or some combination of all three can be played from the relative safety of a living room via computer or mobile device,is legal and regulated. Any impacts from the Coronavirus shutdowns could be mitigated if they drag on for months. Even if casinos open sooner rather than later, consumer unease could continue to keep people home… especially if new cases pop up.

Online wagering wouldn’t completely offset the economic damage, said gaming industry Alan Woinski, but it could provide a firebreak to the spread of a disease and a firewall for gaming operators when customers are ill-advised or told not to gather. Ader agreed that the growing U.S. market doesn’t yet brandish the proper liquidity to offset land-based losses.

“Online gambling can help, obviously, cushion the blow a little bit,” Woinski said. “But you’re talking about $40 million a month for the online casinos in New Jersey versus $200 million they make in the casino, plus all the non-gaming revenue that can be able to replace the hotel revenue, the food and beverage.

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  1. Robbie Billiams's Avatar
    Who owns land-based casinos? Yes, for those who do not want to change the old device, always something new happens through pain and loss. I think a flexible businessman will invest in online
  2. Integrity's Avatar
    Land based casinos in America are either owned by big corporations (Caesars/MGM/Boyd/Wynn/Sands) or tribal gaming interests.
  3. Robbie Billiams's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Integrity
    Land based casinos in America are either owned by big corporations (Caesars/MGM/Boyd/Wynn/Sands) or tribal gaming interests.