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by , 25 December 2018 at 9:40 pm (136 Views)
Interesting. I've heard of cases similar to this before in the past 6 months or so.

An idea may be to "spread the risk", and also list article and advertising etc on a number of websites and / or Facebook channels operated by other online publishers.

We cover about a dozen different business sectors via our media company, and gaming and sports betting is just 2 of those sectors.

If gaming and sports betting is covered more as news it can still rank highly and not be hidden because its gaming / betting related, so have some news value appears to be an important element.

Happy to PM if interested in more information. I hope this was of assistance.

Best Regards

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Anyone had any success with this? I often see Sponsored Ads from betting / tipster sites but I tried to boost a horse racing news post with no direct connection to betting (ie was not a betting offer / free bet or anything) and they approved it and then later disapproved and then disabled my account.

So now I can no longer Boost anything on FB. I know they are strict but what gives?
Maybe it's because they could see I was an affiliate and so just don't want to know.

Interested to hear other people's experiences and views on FB advertising. Guess I will give Twitter a try seeing my dirty money is not wanted by FB

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