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Adelson Re Starts | Efforts to Outlaw Online Gambling | Wants "Pay Back" for $90M GOP

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by , 30 January 2015 at 8:11 am (2257 Views)
It is to total amazing that one man can spend $90Million to buy his own Congress and Senate to do his bidding and it is not a validation of some US law.

Casino mogul and GOP mega donor Sheldon Adelson will restart his campaign to outlaw online gambling in the US.

The billionaire spent millions of dollars (some figures say close to $90 million) to elect a Republican House and Senate a Capitol source tells Townhall. And now it appears payback time is in order.

It was revealed that the casino tycoon even received a private briefing with Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee in the second week of January.

Adelson also spent millions on a campaign that would have made Web gambling completely illegal in the US. He enlisted South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Utah Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz to draft legislation on his behalf.

Unlike last year, the Republicans now control both the House and Senate, thus allowing them an improved opportunity to push through their agenda.

Adelson’s bill ultimately failed during the lame duck session after attempts were made to have the measure attached to more pressing “must pass” legislation. He also came under fire from conservative groups, lead in part by retired Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

Sources familiar with Adelson's lobbying describe the meeting as both a strategy session and an update for the gambling mogul, according to Town Hall. It was not immediately clear who set up the meeting.

The effort has also created the awkward situation, where conservatives and libertarians—often the beneficiaries of the $100 million Adelson has contributed to GOP candidates and campaigns—have to tell the man that they cannot outlaw his online competition, even if it is the only thing he ever asked them to do for him.

This awkward caucus is in three camps.
Some members are put-off by the big ask. Other members have no issue with online gambling as a business, a lifestyle or as a individual's choice.

The others are part of the growing neo-federalism movement that seeks to devolve authority and control out of Washington back to the states and the people.

The Adelson bill has been called an assault on the 10th Amendment “for it would outlaw state legalization of gambling within their borders, which strikes at the federal system of state sovereignty in all matters not specifically assigned to the national government”, Townhall added.