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Hi guys,

A little over a year ago we hired a social media manager to build our facebook page and start building a facebook community. We sunk a couple thousand dollars into it and the result was 4000+ bull sh** "likes", 90% from India, and a dead facebook page. Needless to say, we were not very happy with the results.

After that experiment, I decided to do the social media thing myself. I created a new facebook business page, dove in and have worked it hard for the past year. The results have been solid.

My Goals

- Build "Community" and by doing so, brand loyalty, stickiness, etc.
- Drive traffic to our main site.
- Drive email list signups.
- Create positive social signals for SEO value.

I started with facebook. Along the way, I have learned to create apps for contests, fan-gates, etc., and use facebook ads to supplement those efforts.

We have had a twitter account for a long time now. I tweet our various special events and promos, and have begun getting good retweets. I have not yet explored Twitter for Business, but that's next on my to do list.

I most recently opened up a Google+ business page. Very happy with the new influx of google +1's to add to our usual likes and shares!

My Results

First, I should note that I believe building your business on someone else's online real estate is a mistake. Therefore, my end goal in social media is to drive value to the main domain and/or email list. I like to build a "community" with multiple contact points, all funneling to the domain and email list that pays the bills.

Our Facebook Page:
Our Twitter Account:
Our Google+ Business Page:

A couple of recent community events:

- This one is going on right now.
- Look on the right sidebar for the social action. As of this post, 6 tweets (1 is mine), 45 facebook likes, 11 +1's (1 is mine). I also "stumbled" and "pinned" this. Someone else has re-pinned it, because I see 2 pins there.
- Scroll down the post and you will see very active comments.

- Similar promo, similar social results. This was centered around a $100 Christmas Freeroll at Carbon Poker

- This is just a post I wrote yesterday and linked from our social sites. Its not a promotion, but still garnishing social activity...

What I'm Selling

I think the results speak for themselves. The hard work has resulted in a very active community, and we've just seen the tip of the iceberg with Google+ and Twitter.

While my main site pays my salary, I would like to pick up some side work. Price is negotiable, depending on what you need done.

*I can build your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ sites if you do not already have them.

A very basic plan would include my posting your events and promos on your site/blog, linking to them from your social sites, and interacting with your community during those events. I'd be looking for a $500+ monthly fee.

I can do a lot more. I've been in the industry since 2003, so I probably know and work with some of the same programs and affiliate managers as you do. I could completely manage your events, from brainstorming ideas, to scheduling them with the affiliate programs, and finally to posting and running them on your site and social outlets. I would be happy to develop apps for your facebook page, run facebook ad campaigns for you, manage the coordination between your email list and your social sites, etc.

The second option is going to provide the best long term results and require a serious ongoing time commitment on my part . I would be looking for a better monthly fee, ie. $1000/monthly and up.

Finally, Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you want a robust social media presence that compliments your brand and funnels good traffic and positive social signals, it will take time. If you think you can dump $1000 at it and be 'good to go', you are incorrect.

I found out by experience. I'd be happy to share that experience with you... for a fee of course!

Message me via private message or email me ( and I'll be happy to discuss working together.
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