4 New Casino Blogs Out of the Gate

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by , 4 June 2009 at 9:37 am (3064 Views)
After updating my sports betting sites, my short term goal was to start 10 more casino blogs.

For me, new websites and blogs are a long term project. Usually the hardest part is just getting up enough momentum to begin.

But, I have managed to get 4 new blogs 'off the ground' and onto the 'net'.

- Free Casino Bonuses
- Winning At Online Video Keno Games
- Play Casino Craps
- Free Pai Gow Poker

I also seem to be running out of different topics. The next blogs will probably be about video poker, mobile gaming and bingo. That still leaves 3 more topics to choose.

I also went against conventional wisdom and put them on the same shared hosting site. But I could not resist a great deal. At my Featured Web Hosting site I reviewed a really sweet deal that I could not pass up myself. I was so smug I called it "I am a genius".

I really am turning into a blogoholic with a bad case of forumitis.
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  1. bbonline's Avatar
    I'd check on the sites and it seems all have the same theme. You have come up with a good content but it could be nicer you add up a little graphics and make some good design as an attraction to the reader.