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Unlucky at roulette, lucky in love?

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Personal permanence and roulette

- Why your players lose "too much" sometimes -

The house edge for (real) European Roulette is only 1,35 %. Most online casinos don't care about good Zero conditions. So common players have to fight against 2,7 % in the moment they touch first time the green velvet cover of the roulette table where they can place their bets.

Is math really what we believe?

Quantum entanglement shows us, that it is possible to travel faster than light.
The whole world is flooded by anomalies.
The current status of science is, that after latest analyzes of black holes our reality of space is only an illusion because we are living with a high probability in a (two-dimensional) holographic universe.

So why the roulette ball should not be affected by all these things?

The magic key is "empirical research".

There is an interesting German article online about a very special phenomena. Was ist die persönliche Permanenz? ("What is the personal permanence?").

The article describes the power of the personal permanence (= the effects and fluctuations of personal good luck and bad luck in casinos) and why no one can break away from it. The average player subjects himself to the law of chance and believes, that everything modifies itself to the circumstances at hand.

But if a player is unlucky, then he will lose more than 2,7 %. Even a billionaire from Qatar is unable to beat the game, if he is out of luck and surrounded by astonished crowd. If the arrow is broken, then the casino mutates into hell on Earth.

Players don't recognize, that the dealer is also playing (without money). He automatically plays all numbers without bets or with low bets only. His good luck or bad luck is the result of his existence! He also exist as the players do. The ball isn't dead matter. If the dealer is lucky and at the same spin the player unlucky then this is a result of converging probabilities, and there is no way to create scenarios like that in theory, because personal permanence arises only out of the practice.

Only empirical research brings that to daylight.

So if you are wondering, why so many of your players losing sometimes more than they should be, regardless if they are using a roulette system or not, sometimes within a short period of time, then you know, that the live dealers's personal permanence of your favorite brand(s) was exceptionally well on that day.


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