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Huge glitch on Pokerstars Live Dealer Roulette

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by , 23 January 2018 at 12:31 pm (554 Views)

Nobody is perfect and also not world's biggest Live Dealer Roulette casino. There are dozens of different Roulette tables. A paradise for strategic thinking players.

On Monday, 15. January 2018 a very strange thing happened. I saw it with my own eyes, and I saw something like that never before.

At Pokerstars Live Dealer Roulette I made my bets, the ball was spinning, and I was ready to write my notice and also playing with my Tomcat. So I looked at the virtual playing field and saw, that 33 was blinking on the field as every winning number does.

Of course, I was happy, because my $50 bet won and privided me with a fine $50 winning with that spin. The winnings were paid out, and the long list of winners scrolled through the screen as usual.

But wait!

I looked at the camera, closer and closer to the monitor. The ball clearly was not in the 33 pocket.
The ball was in the neighbor, the 16.

Also the female Live Dealer was obviously confused, and pushed the emergency button several times. I put on my headphones and could hear her uneasiness.

A chat message appeared, that the video material will be investigated. 20 minutes later or so a chat message appeared with a statement, that by accident the system recognized the wrong number. Pokerstars apologize for the inconvenience this may caused. That's all.

They did not remove my winnings and my bet from my account. So I was lucky and had a $100 extra profit. Everyone, who won with the 33 was lucky.

But what happened to those, who played the 16?
Have they received a compensation, at least those who complained?

An interesting question, right?!

However, I have never seen such a glitch at Airball Touchbet Roulette, and of course never in a real casino, because this is simply impossible there.


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