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Tricks & 3 Sigma standard deviation: Like a wavy sea

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by , 16 April 2014 at 2:29 pm (3050 Views)
Depending on the country and the games your earnings are different. In Europe's real casinos roulette and black jack are the favorite games. Slots get third place. Wheel of fortune, craps or baccarat are only served in sultry back rooms of private would-be gangster clubs.

But stupid regulations and many people, lining their own pockets, have killed the business. Who lives in the east of Germany, must drive hundreds of miles to watch the roulette ball spinning or a smart lady dealing cards.
And the players don't like each other. A lot of poker guys are laughing about the black jack and roulette guests, and especially the roulette system players shake their heads when they see people feeding the slots machine, the „one-armed bandits“.

Most people, playing roulette in Germany, are well dressed. Some poker players here wearing leisure garments, sometimes only a bathing suit or rags. Before Chris Moneymaker nobody was playing texas hold'em in Germany's casinos. 7 card stud was the only poker game available for players.

Moreover: In the old days everybody without a blazer and a tie was denied entry. Today the casinos are empty, and only a handful players flooding the tables. So you are welcome. Visit the casino as a raccoon or as a skunk. Your choice! Only losers, who lost everything in the last weeks and standing now naked in front of the reception counter, have to wait for the police, sometimes for mental health services.

And roulette players are investing more than others. So many progressions exist, so many systems you can choose from. Many believe, a simple Roulette Trick is the key to success. No other casino game has more possibilities to variate the high of the bets, and a lot of players are in a good financial situation (at the beginning of casino career).

What will this mean for your earnings?

If your site is targeted for players who loves the little, white ball, the secret queen of gambling, then you need strong nerves and staying power.

Who don't play with flat bets can have a winning streak over weeks. It's simple math. The standard deviation of the coincidence is not only valid for the players. The webmaster have to live with it too.

The 3 Sigma standard deviation teach you, why some months are hard and other surprising good.
What will happen to the even chances (e.g. red and black), that will happen to lucky and unlucky days too. Your earning-days and players gambling-days are a mirror imaged symbiosis.

You don't need to speak German to understand the wavy sea. Visit this 3 Sigma standard deviation calculation report, scroll down to the tables and read the results. The tables start with the even chances (Einfache Chancen).

The 1st column shows the spin count and the 4th the normal value of hits.
In the 2nd column you see the minimum, in the 3rd the maximum of hits in the range within 3 sigma standard deviations.

One Example. The normal value, playing red at a single zero table 20 times, ist 9. But if you only hit red 3 times or with a good portion of luck 16 times, then this is completely normal and no reason to be surprised.

And now replace the word „red“ with „earning-days“ in your mind.

You got it?

Roulette is a think-tank and, as a consequence, a honeypot for progressions.

Less than 50 % of all roulette players using flat bets.
50 % progression players can stretch standard deviation results for a long time until the unavoidable losses will bring back your revenue share out of the deep trough.

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  1. SimonTheSorcerer's Avatar
    There is a typo in the title of this blog psot! " players are lke a wavy sea " should be " players are like a wavy sea "
  2. Roulette Zeitung's Avatar
    Thank you. I have fixed it.