Knowing if your ads work, and avoiding banner burnout

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by , 10 November 2016 at 11:39 pm (2077 Views)
When visitors see the same old ad constantly, it tends to be ignored. This is known as banner burnout. A method to deal with it is called frequency capping. I know myself personally, and when I visit a website, I tend to overlook any ad, once I know it is an ad. And if you pay particular attention to most casino ads, they have a variety of flashing lights and they beg to be ignored. How many flashing ads have you seen with claims of big bonuses? Of course they are common, so you need to be more creative and sneaky about how you advertise.

Lists of bonuses vs ads in content

There are more websites with lists of bonuses than you'll ever visit. There are of course the popular ones such as Casino Meister, and they do well because they are a trusted source of information for players. Another approach for a casino affiliate is to create targeted content, with banners that are created by the casino. These types of sites are quite common, but yield the lowest conversion rates because, besides the information that the page may provide, other content such as the ads, are virtually ignored.

An example may be a page about casino roulette tips, which contains standard banner advertisements from casinos. Assuming that the page is ranked well in Google, it will get good traffic, and some people are likely to collect the banners. In such a case, the affiliate would be lucky to get a 1% click through rate.

In contrast, let's say the page ranked well for the term "best casino bonuses", and listed a variety of casinos with affiliate links. The click through rate may be as high as 10%, because it's exactly what the visitor it was looking for.

Target your ads properly, and track results

A very common mistake for marketers is to create a great website, and slap any old ad that applies to every page on their website. The problem with this is a player on a page about blackjack is unlikely to be interested in ads about slots. It's a lazy and easy way out for marketers. Just consider how Google does it. They carefully consider the content of the page to first check for relevance. Then they actively monitor the resulting click through's to ensure that the right ad is matched for the right page. And if it isn't, it gets a low quality score and the advertiser must be much higher, or the ads won't run on the page.

I'm not at all advocating Google's Adwords, because you actually get a very low return rate compared to other ways to monetise your website traffic. I'm merely highlighting that they correctly and intelligently target the ads to each page.

Perhaps the simplest way the choose the best ads for each of your pages is to use an appropriate WordPress plug-in. There are a variety of suitable plug-ins that will allow you to do proper Split testing, and automatically select the best performing ad for each page. To do it all manually would take an enormous amount of time if you have a website with many different pages. The one thing you must do manually is choose the offers you wish to promote. And as I have said numerous times in previous articles, if you choose the wrong offer, such as an overexposed casino, it will be beating a dead horse. This is because you can't refer players to casinos that they already have an account at.