Microgamings virtual reality roulette – should you promote it?

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by , 2 May 2016 at 1:59 am (2916 Views)
Microgaming ( is a casino software developer, and one of the more prominent ones. The chances are if you are a casino affiliate, you have promoted their software at some stage.

The latest technology is virtual reality roulette. It is an available yet, but many believe it will be the next stage in evolution of online play. As the name suggests, it is virtual reality roulette where you use a VR headset. It is in a virtual environment without a real physical roulette wheel, so essentially it is a fancy slot machine without real roulette wheel physics.

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The cost of the average VR headset is beyond the reach of most people. But as the cost comes down, the technology may be more accessible to the average gambler. The question is should you focus on promoting this technology? Will it maximise your affiliate revenue?

There is no doubt that the technology is at the very least interesting. But if you have ever had experience in virtual reality products, you’d probably know long-term use can get quite disorientating. This means that any long-term play is likely to make you a little queasy. So is it likely that player you refer will spend long hours at the table? From personal experience, I doubt it. However, because of the novelty of the technology, you may at the very least sign up new players under your name. And if virtual roulette loses its appeal, the players you have referred may continue to earn revenue for you with other games. From this perspective, I believe it would be worthwhile promoting VR roulette. But it still has the same problem as random number generator roulette, being that no physics are involved, therefore the game cannot be beaten. This is not something that the average gambler cares about though. And really if you want to earn money promoting casinos, the last thing you want to do is teach players how to reduce your earnings. At the same time, accurate information helps with Google rankings, so you need middleground. Perhaps this is why many roulette tips websites are filled with rubbish. It certainly difficult to find an accurate roulette tips page.

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Considering the long-term prospects for virtual reality in online gambling, you may want to consider how rapidly virtual reality has progressed in popularity in other online industries. For example, other online games and even porn industries. Of course the dynamics for porn are quite different, and perhaps the use of VR would be shorter term if you catch my drift. But its application in games is becoming more widespread, although typically a player with VR will play for no longer than an hour because of the disorientating effects.

If you’re looking for a cheaper way to know how immersive virtual reality can be, I suggest you research Google cardboard which uses android smart phones and their inbuilt technology to track movements of your head. It is literally a cardboard box that holds your phone in front of your eyes. And it will cost just a few dollars to build one yourself. Although I would recommend spending $30 or so and buying a properly built headset such as VR box 2. You’ll certainly appreciate the difference between a cardboard box and a properly padded headset.