A 2020 Guide to Online Gambling

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by , 16 January 2020 at 8:33 pm (158 Views)
Gambling has always been a common hobby for a lot of people. Itís been around for years- bets have been going on in sporting events for a very long time (just think of horse racing) and more and more people start betting every year. I personally know a large number of people who take part- even in the occasional football bet or something of the sort. Gambling has evolved in the technological age, however, and there are now more ways to bet than ever. This is particularly the case in Asian countries where online gambling has become extremely popular. There are a massive variety of different games and methods which allow you to participate in betting in these kinds of countries; Iíll touch more on this later. In short, gambling has always been huge and online betting has taken this to a new level.

However, just as with regular betting, there are a few risks you need to take into account before you fire in with online gambling. A lot of people arenít careful enough when they start their online gambling careers and donít take the necessary precautions; this often comes back to get them. There are a lot of dodgy websites out there and a lot of people have lost money because of that. In fac, Iíve heard about a number of them myself. The sheer number of sites, particularly in Asian countries, means you have to be very careful with your selection. Thatís why Iím here today, though, as I donít want you to go through a painful ordeal yourself. So without any further chatter, here is my 2020 guide to online gambling.

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Choose a reliable website

There are a few things you need to look out for when youíre gambling online and making sure you use a safe, reliable safe website is up there with the most important. As I mentioned, there are a lot of gambling websites out there and some of them can be pretty dodgy. In fact, some of them may only be set up in an attempt to steal either your personal details or your money- Iíve heard of cases of this happening. This occurs when people arenít careful and jump onto the first website they see. Donít search for sites and sign up for the highest on the results list; you need to be more thoughtful than that. It might seem like a waste of time, but Iím sure youíd rather spend an extra few hours finding a reliable site than losing your money or personal details to a scam site.

Thatís why what you need to do is do some proper research; read some online reviews on what the safest websites to use are and which ones are the most trustworthy. Reviews tend to be a pretty solid way to figure out which sites are safe to use and which ones arenít. Iíve used reviews to make a number of different online decisions and theyíre usually really helpful. People arenít exactly going to lie about gambling sites unless they have a strange reason to do so; if theyíve had a bad experience, theyíll be keen to warn others before they make a similar mistake. Iíd imagine that all you need to do is search for reviews for specific gambling sites and you should get a decent number of replies, so get searching as soon as you can!

You could also look to see if theyíve gained any recognition from international gambling authorities; this usually means they will be safe to use. There are a lot of big gambling authorities out there and if they support a gambling website, it must mean theyíre doing something right. These kinds of authorities have a series of strict guidelines in place- these will include the kinds of games theyíre allowed to let you play, the amount of money they can take from their users and the sign up processes they have in place. If a website isnít accredited by any of these people, it should ring some alarm bells for you. It may suggest they arenít complying with guidelines and could be out to scam their users, so looking for these kinds of things will make sure that you find a safe, reliable website.

How much money should you spend?

Figuring out how much money youíre going to spend when you gamble is really important as well. A lot of people make the mistake of, when they first start betting, splashing out a lot of money and they end up losing it. Betting isnít as easy as a lot of people think (thatís why gambling websites always make profits) so you need to be careful that youíre not spending too much straightaway. Iíve seen a lot of people lose large amounts of money while starting out gambling; they see other people winning big amounts and think they can do it without any practice either. Some of my friends have even done this and have ended up regretting it deeply, so you need to be really careful.

If youíre just starting out, you need to build up your skills first. Spend small amounts that you wonít miss if you end up losing bets- this means you can keep going without the worry of losing large amounts. You can get better at certain games and once your skill level has improved, you can move on to gambling with higher amounts. If you skip these kinds of steps, youíll struggle to make much profit. Once again, Iíve seen this kind of thing up close so try and take my word for it. If you spend time depositing small amounts and not being too risky, youíll be able to save your money and still have fun practicing a variety of different games.

What kinds of games should you play?

Deciding what games youíre going to play is a common issue as well. This is especially the case in the world of online gambling where there are so many games to choose from. Because of this, some people tend to jump around different games without ever mastering any and lose their money. Staying away from this kind of method is important, in my opinion. While it can be fun to try out different games when youíre online, it wonít actually benefit you if youíre trying to make any kind of profit. Some games, of course, are based entirely on luck so you might feel as though youíre performing well when in fact itís just a computer algorithm at work. If you really want to get better, you need to have a clear focus.

Thatís why Iíd recommend focusing on certain games to build up your skill level to make sure you make some profits. Have a look around your chosen site and have a glance at all the available games; choose a select few that you think youíll enjoy and get to work mastering them. Spend a decent amount of time whenever you have a free period during the day or at night (without spending too much money, remember!) and try your best to get up to scratch. If youíre willing to put in the work with this kind of thing, you could be well on the way to becoming the next profit maker in online gambling.

How much time should you spend gambling?

Another big thing you need to think about is how youíre going to incorporate online gambling into your daily routine. Iíll hazard a guess that you have a pretty busy schedule, including jobs and spending free time with friends and family, so you might not have much time. However, make sure that you donít change any of this to try and squeeze gambling in. All of the things I just mentioned are among the most important in your life and gambling should not get in the way of them- this would be a sign of addiction. Instead, you should only do it when you do find yourself with a bit of free time. You shouldnít be actively seeking for the available time and I suggest you do it a few times a week at most. This will make sure you donít go too overboard and always find it fun when you do participate.


There are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when youíre signing up for online gambling in 2020. Making sure that you choose a reliable website to gamble on is essential; make sure you read reviews and do all the necessary research to make sure you donít get scammed and lose money. Take things slowly; donít spend too much money at once and donít spend too much time gambling when you could be doing other things. Try and enjoy it and make sure you donít ruin it for yourself.
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