Live Casino on the Rise – Offerings now span way Beyond Table Games

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by , 25 February 2020 at 12:22 am (80 Views)
Ever since the first online casino was conceived in the mid-1990s,developers and operators have struggled to work out ways to bring aland-based casino experience to players in their own homes. In theearly days, the digital offerings were nowhere near the glitz andglamour of their land-based counterparts, but the gap in quality hasgradually been closing. When live streaming was introduced a fewyears ago, online casinos finally found a way to perfectly recreate apersonal casino table experience through digital means. Now, there isan even heavier drive to improve and enhance these live games.

When live streaming first came into usage in the online casinoindustry, sites offering these video links to real tablesoperated by casino employees had the edge over their rivals. Playersflocked to the sites which could offer the most realistic gamingatmosphere, and it almost felt as if casino tables had set up shop intheir homes. As other online casinos quickly saw the potential inthese games, they too sprang to bring the features to their ownpages. Now, live casino games such as blackjack and roulette areubiquitous, and most respectable online casinos have some liveofferings.

Simply providing players with live links to roulette and blackjackgames is not enough to gain the edge in today’s market. For thisreason, online casinos have had to get innovative and think aboutways to push this live streaming experience further forward into thefuture.

Looking at some of the live games available to play at SpaceCasino, it is clear that operators are trying to bring a muchwider audience of players to the games. Traditional table games mayappeal to older players, but younger generations who are just gettinginto gambling are seeking something slightly different. This is whythere are options such as Monopoly and Dream Catcher.

Both of these games provide a unique take on the Wheelof Fortune format in which a dealer spins a wheel and it stops ona random prize. Dream Catcher was the first live streaming takeon the concept which was introduced in the classic game show whichfirst aired in the UK in 1988. Monopoly Live is an enhanced versionof Dream Catcher which uses elements from the iconic Hasbro game.

Live casino started out as a way to bring the land-based casinoexperience to players in their homes, but it could now be about tosurpass the original gambling houses in the content on offer. DreamCatcher and Monopoly are exclusive to online casinos, and otheroptions like Deal or No Deal Live can only be played by internetgamblers. It will be interesting to see whether land-based casinosattempt to win players back by starting to offer similar games.

Some of the biggest developers in the world, includingScandinavian powerhouseNetEnt, have stated that they are looking at improving their livecasino options in the future. This highlights how the technology isstill on the rise and is only going to get better in the years tocome.
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