Maryland Sports Betting: What Is Set To Change In 2020?

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by , 6 April 2020 at 9:18 pm (118 Views)
Sportsbetting has become highly popular across the world and with both liveevents and virtual events taking place regularly, countries such asthe UK benefit massively from the revenue that is generated. But asseveral states still hesitate to make the move to online gamblingcould the recent changes in Maryland be the signs of welcomingchange? In this article, we will be looking into the passing of therecent bill and what this could mean for sports betting in the USA.

ChangingAttitudes In Maryland

Americawelcomed yet another state to its list of online sports betting in2019 with the signing of a bill in the state of Maryland as Legalbetting reports.This means changing times for the industry at is most defiantlypiquing interest in the US. These changing laws in Maryland mean thatall four casinos, three race tracks and FedExFeild can now havelegalised sports betting both in casinos and on mobile. This ishighly beneficial for the NFL as well as the state's economy as anybets made within the state help to fund the maintenance of theseservices as well as in taxes to the state.

Thisis highly beneficial for multiple reasons but of course, it providesfinancial stability and aids the investment in new technologies tobetter experiences and provide the ultimate matchday experience forthose that are betting. Though this new bill has only justkickstarted changes in the state, this is set to make a huge amountof change to the industry as a whole.

CouldWashington Be Next?

Withrecent changes to Washington surrounding onlinesports betting intribal casinos, there is reason to suggest that Washington could benext when it comes to the regulation of online gambling. However,this does not come without competition. Though multiple casinos areoperating in the area, many see online gambling as more of ahindrance in the state. This, therefore, means that it may be limitedto just tribes for a little while longer.

However,it is important to note that betting on horses is legal inWashington, this, therefore, means that any winnings from horsebetting are completely legal.

TheStance On Online Gambling In California

Atthis time, there is no regulation in the state of California sayingthat sports betting is illegal, however, there is also no lawauthorising it. However, with sports betting the story is slightlydifferent. Though there are no plans to legalise online sportsbetting in the golden state, there is plenty that is pointing to itbeing beneficial. Many have pointed out that the market in Californiacould account for $2.5billion per year in California alone.

Thiscould be a huge benefit to the economy many elements of Californiacan benefit. Not only can it reduce the amount of health care cuts,but revenue from taxes can be used to improve transport links andimprove government-funded projects. This could hugely benefit thearea and even benefit the expansion of the city itself. This wouldcome at the perfect time for the city as there are a vast number ofhomeless people searching for somewhere to live during these tryingtime, this money could then be used to build homeless shelters andother accommodation for those that need it regardless of their age.

TheBenefits For The US Economy

Inaddition to the economy in individual states, there is also thepotential to improve the economy of the United States as a whole.This increase in revenue has roved valuable for states such asColorado and New Jersey that have already implemented online sportsbetting schemes as they see this money put back into the localeconomy. This not only funds maintenance of public spaces, but it canbe used to give back to the public sector such as healthcare andschools.

Thisis particularly useful during these trying times as many countriesaround the world are struggling with not only a healthcare crisis butan economic one simultaneously.

TheFuture Of Gambling Across All 50 States

Thoughthere are a number of ongoing changes from within the United States,there are still many others that are yet to adopt online sportsbetting and the benefits that it can bring. This is showing no timesof changing soon as a number of these states face a large amount ofopposition. Below is a list of some of the states that are yet to putforth a bill for online sports betting:

  • Utah
  • Idaho
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska
  • Wyoming

Thoughsome of this list that is moving towards legislation, there are anumber of them that are not interested at all. This is because statessuch as Utah have an anti-gambling stance that is written into theconstitution. This means that there is no chance of there being anychanges made to this.

Additionally,states such as Wisconsin and Idaho have laws that prohibit sportsbetting of any kind. Because of this, it is also unlikely that youwill see any change in these laws. This, therefore, means that thelaws will either need to be revoked or amended for sports betting tobe allowed in both these states.

Withthis in mind, there is a high chance that a majority of the states inthe United States will have some form of sports betting allowed inthe state whether this is available for just the general public oronly in tribal casinos, only time will tell.